Repository for game and script sharing?

As Dagon has now reached a virtually working point, users will start writing their own scripts and games.

GIT is an obvious place for the wiki and source code, but what about scripters wanting to share script modules, demo games, personal WIP for review, etc. I think we need a less controlled and more senscape-local way to do this but I’m not sure how. Forums aren’t good for sharing and discussing projects with all those files, but GIT is maybe too structured, requires memberships, etc.

I know there are lots of collaborative-project sites now but this is more about sharing and relevant discussion.

I can’t even visualize what this would look like but let me try:
-Discussion interaction similar to the forum.
-Each ‘thread’ would be related to a specific project, be that my entire personal project or just a block of script that does something specific. Key factor here is that each thread is associated with some files that have been uploaded. ‘Thread’ proliferation like a normal forum wouldn’t occur because each ‘thread’ has to be associated with a folder of files.
-Some kind of file management. Files wouldn’t need to be uploaded and referenced offsite because that is a pain. Files could be viewed or downloaded directly from the ‘thread’. Simple file revisions could be uploaded as discussions interact around those files.
One thing I don’t want to do is have to edit like a wiki just to add links to files, post reference images, etc.
-Interaction is strictly public. Files are for discussion with anybody and shouldn’t require a special membership, although simple registration or (even better) use of the Senscape registration would make sense to keep out the riffraff and bots. If a private layer exists, well, as long as it doesn’t complicate things…
-Biggest issue is that many (or most) services will not want to host a public website with local files without some kind of $$ incentive. SourceForge, GITHUB and (for Blender) are the only exceptions that immediately come to mind.

So, any new website offerings that fit this profile or could be streamlined? Ideally it would be seen as a part of the Senscape world.

Based on the fact that everything is open source and should stay open source I guess we wouldn’t come around git! It is the best way to contribute new builds with nicely documentation, easy check out, commenting via gists etc.
With uploading markdown files readme for using purpose is giving and forum as well as little wikis can be implemented very easy to!
Of course a registration is needed but to make sure every upload is well documented and correct this is a necessaty wherever you create such a collaboration unit!

Other new web technologies aren’t in my mind right now which offers such a feature rich support like git!

If something should be private I only could recommend the hoster bitbucket which offers free unlimited private hosting for free!
But all in all I personally think git is the best way of sharing scripts, mods etc!

Dropbox is as good as anything for team projects? I know a few people using Google, I know Greg McWilliams Flash engine is open source on there

Totally agree a code base would be fantastic or “in context” templates, I’ve done a few for Visionaire for a Monkey Island 1 type GUI’s and verb discs, also a hidden object example, keypad/combination lock puzzle, I like trying to figure out the control systems first before I do anything so these “little” dry runs are more of a challenge to see if I can do it, I’m better at problem solving than I am doing full games :oops:

What I found with git is that repos quickly grow too large which makes pulling/pushing a hassle. GitHub even has a sort of size limit which makes it impossible to track repos above 500MB or so (this is why I removed the Asylum code from the Dagon repo).

Separating script from assets doesn’t seem practical either. My suggestion would be, to keep things private for the time being, a Dropbox account (I can lend Senscape’s for that). Nigec is right, it can perfectly work to share things in small teams. We can also use the forum to discuss and see later how to scale things up.

You’ll be glad to know that I’m preparing a Dagon-specific website that we can use to feature your works :slight_smile:

I use dropbox a lot, my laptop runs Linux and its hit and miss whether the network shared folder will hook up with my Windows machine so I just use the dropbox, it backs stuff up, if you delete somethink you can restore online very useful

A site would be great :slight_smile:

@ tisher…
Let me make a clarification.
I will refer to Dagon as an ‘app’, and any LUA-scripts+media assets as a ‘project’.
As an app, Dagon is open-source and version controlled as intended.
Also, unlike many apps, you can’t just ‘run’ Dagon. Rather than using Dagon to generate assets, you generate assets elsewhere and (hopefully) those assets instruct Dagon how to run.
This means there is a HUGE layer of design left over for the users to work out before they can release anything as sophisticated as a game. As an application, Dagon is fairly low level. To make something like a game with full interaction, all of the game has to be written (‘programmed’) to create all the basic game elements. (not to mention the images, video and audio, but those are mostly independent of the engine)

Although the teaser Agustin released may present examples, they are a gift from Senscape of approaches being used in Asylum, which is definitely NOT open-source nor even public. Anybody who downloads Dagon may get an example project, but much of the advancement of the application as a whole will come through user-submitted script modules.
(which is good because otherwise everybody’s game project would look and interact exactly the same)

I’m talking about a public way to share and discuss projects and script-design challenges that is more forum-like with only simple file-sharing support. Hopefully packaged in a website that is integrated/linked/consistent/ or thematic with the Senscape site.
For lack of a better term I’m going to invent one now: a ‘file-discussion’ site that combines the ease and relevancy of forum chats surrounding a file-centric theme.

Currently the only place to discuss scripting use is the Dagon forum, but that is only useful for general discussion about the app itself. Once users start to try uploading entire projects, or contribute LUA modules that may for example present an alternate inventory system, the thread is useless and out of context anyway.
And for this purpose GITHUB is way too complicated and busy, in my opinion anyway.
I’m more inclined to use something like Dropbox and hope the forum capabilities are good enough, but so far (still!) large file-sharing on the web has escaped a good general solution. The closest I’ve come to easy file uploading in a web-page is drag&drop files into Gmail, but that is still email.
(Everybody I know (at work anyway) still tries to share everything by email because it’s so bone-head simple. Nobody wants to ‘bother’ with SugarSync, etc.)

edit: sorry, got some relevant replies before that last post went out. Still, I’d like to see a new approach based on the above comments. Right now to be practical out-of-the-box Dagon needs to include some formally-released LUA scripts but as I was pointing out there are none except those gifted from the Asylum project. I think a basic subset for inventory, screen text feeds, etc will/should be packaged at some point with the Dagon engine itself for the public download. Asking users to access GIT to get the binaries isn’t very friendly.

Instead, I’d like to see a direct download link on the Senscape site to a pre-packaged build with example game, LUA modules, etc. I know that the engine is now open-source , but I also think that having Senscape tightly linked as the owner as well as a user for commercial endeavors will help keep the code base alive and active. As a comparison, Pipmak is fairly complete and documented (well, missing video :frowning: ) but it’s just so DEAD. Last I looked there wasn’t any reference to even one attempted commercial release.

We’ll come up with something, don’t worry. I wouldn’t mind hosting files on the Senscape server, though that would have to be public. The other solution, as we said, would have to be Dropbox which works great.

Also, I’d like to let you know that I’m actually going to release the source code of the teaser along with the binary next month. It’s pretty hardcore, yes, but I’m sure it will allow developers to get a taste of what the Dagon engine can do and see for themselves there isn’t any undocumented stuff behind. Over time we will work on a smaller, less intimidating sample.

(For the record, this is the one and only time we will share Asylum code! We don’t want you people knowing all the secrets of the game :wink:)