Rebuilding my game for Dagon


Hi Agustin, and everyone on the forums,
Quite some time ago now I contacted Agustin to ask about the Scratches engine, as I had an idea for a horror adventure game set in a Victorian Mansion and mortuary complex, but real life took over and I never did anything about it.
I did however end up making it later in 3D using the engine for the game Thief 2.
Rose Cottage
As it was in real time 3D on a relatively old engine, it’s quite simple and low poly, I made about 98% new objects and textures for the game though, so it doesn’t really look anything like Thief 2.
But I would like to make a much more detailed version in 3DS Max.
I would really love to rebuild it as a node based point and click adventure using Dagon, and would love some feedback if anyone has the time to check it out and let me know if you think it would make a good point and click adventure game?
Although there are a few parts that I am already wondering how I would do that in Dagon :wink:
Here is a quite favourable review of it, the guy also provides a link to a youtube video walkthrough of the first section.
Anyway, Just wanted to say hi to everyone, theres a lot of cool stuff going on here! :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the club Saturnine. Glad to see more people interested in creating adventure games.

I have Thief 2 installed so I’ll play Rose Cottage shortly and share my thoughts. It definitely sounds interesting.


Thanks civanT :slight_smile: I just meant if anyone could check out the video and give me feedback but if you played it thats even better! :slight_smile:
I’m hoping it would work well as a point and click, maybe need a few changes here and there though, and I’m not sure how to tackle the dealing with the ghosts part in the later stages of the game.


Hi, awesome to hear you like what people here do.
I can’t watch the video until later today but I just wanted to let you know that my immediate reaction is that it sounds fun and I hope you go through with it :slight_smile:
I will be available to answer technical questions about Dagon here and on Github, and you can totally tell me about changes or additions you would like in Dagon. Of course I can’t promise we will make it happen but I’m currently working on Dagon and want to develop it into the direction that best supports what the community is doing right now.


Great thanks :slight_smile: looking forward to hearing you thoughts.
The main concern I have would be later in the game you are chased by ghosts, I guess this could be handled in Dagon by each time you ‘run away’ to another node it plays a video of the ghost behind you which you would see if you turned around, and then maybe a timer could be used so that you have to leave that node quickly before the video of the ghost ends and it gets you?
I know this probably doesn’t make much sense until you have seen Rose Cottage in action :wink:
Other than that the gameplay is regular inventory based adventure game style, so should convert to a point and click game just fine I hope.


Hey Saturnine! So glad to see you back :slight_smile:

I’ll also have a look at Rose Cottage as soon as I can. That question – about being chased by enemies/monsters – has been asked recently. In short, no, Dagon is not prepared for that, but it can be done to some extent. We have a scene among those lines in Asylum and you can get around dramatic chases with a few design tweaks.

It’s a great time to be working with Dagon, as @bd339 is currently making extensive work on the engine!


Hi Agustin, thanks that would be great, the video in the link is only the first section of the game but it will give you an idea of what it’s like.
I’d really love to hear what you think of it, it was influenced by scratches quite a bit, even the morticians name is Blackwood :slight_smile:
And I’d like to hear if you think it would make a good Dagon engine game.
Good to hear that a chase section is kind of possible too :slight_smile:


Just saw the video, and I’d like to add “creepy” to my initial reaction of “fun”.
The game seems rather expansive (lots of locations) and from what I’ve seen I think it would work well in a Dagon reincarnation. Depends on how close to the original you want the Dagon rebuild to be of course. The combinatorial puzzle and the atmosphere should at least be fully reproducible in Dagon and is a seamless fit for p&c adventures in general. The audio events can definitely be implemented with timers as you noted, and the visual events might also be possible with timers that enable and disable (video) spots.
If I may offer one bit of criticism that you could take into account in a potential Dagon rebuild: Why the “mannequin horror cliché”? :sweat_smile:


Thanks for checking it out and thanks for giving your thoughts, I would be open to making any changes needed to create a really great Dagon rebuild, some parts of the game actually turned out the way they did because of restrictions in the Thief 2 engine, so even that version was not completely what I originally had in mind.
This would be a good opportunity for me to go over the whole thing again and change things I was not entirely happy with and add more detail to the story.
Yeah the mannequin thing does seem to have become a cliché,
Honestly, It wasn’t at the time though! :wink:
I had only really seen it done in Condemned : Criminal Origins, to great effect! But you’re right, since then it has been done to death. I think it would be just as creepy if they were simply in the room, no need to move them.
The whole game was a nod to classic horror movies, but yes I would definitely like to stay away from clichés for sure :slight_smile:


I need to play all these wonderfully creepy games that people are making.


I played the game for a while and I’m really impressed. It looks and feels amazing. I love how detailed and cohesive the environments are.

Gameplay-wise, I can say the puzzles you have shouldn’t be too troublesome to integrate into Dagon (but haven’t seen everything yet).

Fundamentally it’ll become a different game of course, because going from 3d to pre-rendered is a big change, but I can say it is quite possible and the resulting product should be very good with better lighting and higher resolution imagery.

I think with a few adjustments Rose Cottage can be a natural fit into P&C genre.


Hi thanks so much for checking it out! and thanks for all the kind words :slight_smile:
Great to hear that you liked it, I agree it would need a few changes but I’m ok with doing that, the main change I would make is to deal with each of the ghosts in a unique way in different areas of the map, I think that would be cooler and make for more puzzles and areas.
Also I’m glad to hear that the puzzles should be able to be rebuilt in Dagon, hopefully even the safe code?
And I guess the ouija board message would just be a video? believe me that was tricky to do in the thief engine,
in the end I did it with an tiny elevator with lots of waypoints that it travelled to in sequence, then attached the planchette to it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for playing, really cool to hear your comments, I really appreciate them, everyones comments give me the confidence to make a start on it, I have started rebuilding a high res version of the house exterior in 3DS Max as an initial test scene so I can get used to Dagon :slight_smile:

edit: I forgot to say thanks for actually taking the time to play too! very cool of you, and gives a much better idea of the game than watching a video, thanks so much :slight_smile:


Making the safe puzzle shouldn’t be a trouble. I made a few of those myself and they work great. Ouija board puzzle can be done with video patches, or a full screen video, whichever works best for you.

Scripting-wise you can do almost anything in Dagon. Rest depends on how can you visually present them in engine with images and videos.

Make sure to bookmark Command Reference page. It has almost all the commands you need. I’ll be happy to help with your scripting questions too, if you need it.



Thanks so much civanT, I imagine it will be a while before I get to any of that stuff but will almost definitely take up your offer! :slight_smile: