Question for boss man!

ok, I’ve re done my ksconvertor
Now you select a folder where the images are located, once you’ve done that the 3 files needed to convert the images are copied to the image folder.
First question is it ok to do this, move these files around I mean as they do belong to you.

OK you then add the image name less the prefix and file extension, then fill in the next fields and so on, I may change this to one set of fields and a button to queue them so you have no limit to the amount you can convert

when you click convert you get a popup to say data is sent, the bat file content appears in the text area, it then creates the bat, then launches it and displays the stdout.txt in the edit box

The problem I get is the stdout.txt file only shows the last operation, so if the first item fails you don’t know. it seems to stop and reload, which also effects the popup that is supposed indicate when the proccess is done.
I thought about listing the tex files created but these are created even if it fails.

I guess I could put a start and wait to complete in the bat and slow things down so I get chance to read the file after each pass.

Its nothing important, just fecking about coz amazingly I’ve managed to code something on my own lol

If anyone wants to mess with this its done using AutoIt, very lightweight program and easy to use, I’ll post the source in my dropbox if anyone wants to play :slight_smile:

That’s great! Glad to hear you’ve updated this :slight_smile:

No problem about distributing the files but I think it would be best if you rename the tool to DGConverter, then maybe the inferface to DGConverter GUI or something. It’s just that I’ve stopped using the “ks” prefix for everything now.

As soon as I can, I’ll pick up that code and implement proper error messages and more helpful tips!

Cool, no problem I will change the names, gui makes a lot of sense.

Its a bit of a cop out because I fully intended to start learning C++ but then again AutoIt is great for prototyping and at least I understand easily how all this comes together, I can’t get C++ express working as its conflicting in the registry somewhere so I’ll wait until I upgrade my pc then dive in with that :s

It’s OK, it’s certainly more helpful than the command line! I’m looking forward to seeing these tools improved over time :slight_smile:

Its a great way to learn stuff, compared to the first try its light years ahead, it does check to see if a path is set, and some other errors, I’ll get some feeback from the up coming one then I want to browse for the image so it cuts out the need to type totally, no type = no user error… in theory! :lol: