There are so many projects that Senscape is now undertaking…I’m surprised as Asylum, the original project is still only in Beta. Is Senscape giving up on Asylum for now with the move away from Dagon that I read about, or is it still in the works? Since I’m not in the inner circle here (the backer circle) I was wondering about whether or not the timeline for Asylum remains the same. Isn’t it supposed to be about a year after the Kickstarter campaign ends?


Projects? It’s just Asylum now :frowning:

We did try to kickstart Charles Dexter Ward to have a second project, but sadly that didn’t turn out well. Dagon is not a game really – it’s the engine behind Asylum and its development is strongly tied to the game.

Asylum is progressing well. We’re not posting many news to keep things quiet until we have a release date ready to announce. Granted, it’s very delayed but many backers have already started testing the game with positive reactions. I hope to be sharing more news as soon as I can – at the very least we’re going to post new screenshots and stuff from the game within the next few days :slight_smile:


One more thing: what we did is repurpose our Dagon engine for Unity to enhance several aspects of the game, namely visual effects and characters. So Asylum is still using Dagon to some extent (especially for the scripting), although it’s running on top of Unity now.

The game is our top priority. We will never, ever give up on Asylum, especially when we keep hearing from so many people that enjoyed Scratches!