Progress Update?


I do tend to gravitate to purples, blues, and greens don’t I? :slight_smile: I do have one bathroom in the game. I’ll make sure that it flushes… loudly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Curious as to the progress of this game. Anything since 2013? I am still waiting for the full Asylum, but this game is very interesting to me with the space theme… any info would be appreciated.



I’m sure Imari will let us know about it soon but I had the chance to play several locations from the game a while ago and it’s looking great. The wait will be worth it :nod:


Thank you for your interest in Adamantus, Robert. I am still steadily working on the game and am making progress. I’ve finished several more areas, but there is still much to do. (Note to self: Make a less complicated game with fewer venues next time!)


Thanks for the interest, all. It’s taking me a long time.


Everything looks so nice, Imari. I’m sure this game will be so much fun.


Thanks, CivanT. I do try. :slight_smile:


Nice screenshots! Are there any new ones? =)


Let’s hear from @imari. I’ve seen more gorgeous artwork from this game :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking, Inkognitoo. Yes, I’ve been slowly, but steadily working on Adamantus and I can share another image. Shortly, I shall be able to devote much more time to completing the game.


Looking better and better every day :open_mouth:


Amazing stuff! I love how detailed these scenes are. :open_mouth:


Thanks, guys! I keep adding details until it breaks Vue. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that there are both outside and inside scenes. Glad to hear you’re still making progress on the game :slight_smile:


It’s really cool! Thank you @imari!
And I have few question if you don’t mind.
There would be any animation on game screens? Sea waves, swayed palm leaves, electrical sparks in machines?


Hi Inkognitoo, Adamantus will not be a 3D game, but a node-to-node cubic panorama. In both Dagon++ and the Dagon Plug-in for the UE4 engine, I’m somewhat limited by the cubic panorama format as there is no ground plane upon which to “place” animated water. However, I’ve experimented with small video patches on the cubic sides to simulate waves and Agustin has already figured out how to have weather effects, which I plan to use. There are many other small video patches planned, which should simulate movement on the screen.


Gotta say looks really good.