Progress Update?


Hi, I’m a fan of you and your work, and was wondering if you could give us a progress update on Adamantus?

I realize that the game may not be completed still for a lengthy time, but it would be great to hear how it is coming along. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :bye:


Hi Fate, and thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Progress is slow — but constant.


Coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.


Nice screenshots.


Wonderful environments, I love the hues you’re using! :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. I wish that I progress was faster with Adamantus, but there just aren’t enough hours in my days.


Thank You! Those screenshots are wonderful! Very beautiful! Constant is good and don’t worry about the speed, I can live on bread crumbs for years. :thumbsup:


Really nice screenshots Imari! I take my hat off to you for sticking with the long and winding game development road. Looking forward to finding out more!


Thanks, Fate and Finn. It does seem to be taking forever. I try to keep something rendering constantly, but still… :stuck_out_tongue:


How long does it take to render a node?


It really depends. I’m using Vue d’Esprit Infinite 10. Some of the sides take 30 minutes to render and I’ve had a few that took over 3 days per side, but that area had multiple plants and was rendered in an earlier version of Vue.

I try to work like crazy on the weekend. When I get an area ready, I set it to rendering during the work week. I try to get the general area rendered and then go back and do the videos and stills. Then I add in the items to be picked up and render them. The detail work seems to be never ending. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s not so bad. My typical final render time is around an hour or so for each side. May I ask what’s your CPU and GPU models are? I’m about to upgrade my PC to something a lot more powerful and considering possible setups. For now my choice is an 8 core AMD processor due to its cost efficiency and 32 GB of RAM.


My machine is about three years old now, but it’s a workhorse and the best that I could afford at the time. Specs -
Intel Core i7 CPU 920 2.67GHz x2
GeForce GTX 260
W-7 64bit

What you’re planning to get looks like a bit step up from mine. I hope it will fly. :slight_smile:


These are great, Imari. Slow and steady wins the race!

I have a boxed version of Vue 5 or 6 somewhere around here. I wonder if they ever offer good upgrade deals for older versions? Someday, I’d really like to get some time to try it out.

Wow! Really? Were they 2k (or bigger)?


[quote=“Imari, post:13, topic:627”]My machine is about three years old now, but it’s a workhorse and the best that I could afford at the time. Specs -
Intel Core i7 CPU 920 2.67GHz x2
GeForce GTX 260
W-7 64bit

What you’re planning to get looks like a bit step up from mine. I hope it will fly. :)[/quote]

That’s a good setup, it won’t hinder your work, that’s for sure. My computer is slowing me down a lot right now. It’s important to have lots of RAM and a lots of CPU cores in high detail rendering work.

When you think about it, it’s very interesting to know how the least demanding engines for computers like Dagon require the heaviest assets to develop games. That’s not necessarily true for all games that can be made in Dagon, but high detail 3d worlds require really good computers to create. :nod:

I’m not familiar with Vue so I can’t comment on your rendering times, but they kind of sound high to me. But again, I’m sure you know what you are doing. I like the amount of detail in your textures and models.


If memory serves, I think that an area in a greenhouse took me forever to render. I think it was the multiple textures on the plants, many of which were “real” plant models and not generated by Vue’s eco-system.

I can have a scene with tens of millions of polygons and Vue renders just fine. When I add in large textures, areas of displacement or reflective/transparent surfaces, it slows down things considerably. This is probably true for other programs as well, I’d guess.

I love Vue and that’s why I have stuck by it – BUT – E-on now releases a new version every few months that requires that you either maintain an otherwise worthless “maintenance plan” or pay rather steep prices for the upgrade itself. On top of everything, the new releases usually include little more than fixes for the bugs in the previous versions. E-on, in my opinion, is a terrible company. I started with Vue 3 and they are now up to Vue 11.5. I got fed up with the “upgrades” and stopped with Vue 10.


Lovely scene, it’s understandable to have long render times with this much detail. A fair trade, if I may say so.

Vue gave me that impression too when I saw Vue 8 or 9 the first time tbh. Too many upgrades, little added value. Same goes for Autodesk tools, unfortunately. Aside from the unacceptable prices they set (~4000 Euros) they release a new version every year and upgrading still costs around 2500 Euros and it doesn’t even worth upgrading. To top of that you can’t upgrade if your software is more than 3 years old. That’s pretty annoying to say the least. I’m not even mentioning horrendous 1800 Euro yearly subscription.

Anyway, I still like Autodesk software and not upgrading is not end of the world. Just because your software is getting old doesn’t mean it will be out of date like that. I say no to unnecessary spending.

I think you should stick to Vue 10, too. If you’re comfortable, there is no reason to change it. You are doing well with it obviously and also you can always buy Vue 17 a few years later for your newer work :smiley:


I remember the garden in Scratches took me ages to render. Two weeks in total for a bunch of nodes, 6-7 in 1024x1024. Of course, my computer was dated and we didn’t optimize the use of vegetation. Still, trees and plants are always a pain to manage :frowning:


I fried the processor on an old XP2000 doing a 2 day render :)) :))

I have a 3770k i7 and its fast enough for my needs sadly it only has a Quadro 600 so I can’t do much GPU rendering :frowning: :’(

Nice work Imari :smiley:


Just got around this thread and Im very impressed Imari! Its not just good looking but has the kind of vibe that would grab my interest on a store shelf. Love those textures and lighting! I dont like purple though, can you re-render everything without purples? Docter told me to stay off purples, especially 0xAE10FF. Thank you. Also, do any of your toilets flush? Its not an adventure game if you cant uselessly flush a toilet as many times as you want. :))