Problems running Scratches on Win 7?


Both of my Win 7 machines are coughing up blue phlegm whenever I try to run the director’s cut of Scratches, even when I tried to set its compatibility to Win XP.
I’m wondering if others are having the same problem, possibly from a recent Windows update.

edit: oops, never mind. A long time ago it was discovered that the config file needed to be modified for the software to run on Win 7. (change V Sync from 0 to 60)


Yup, that’s the quick fix. Windows Vista introduced a very silly change where a refresh rate of 0 will bafflingly crash the computer. Previously, that 0 would tell the system to automatically set the best refresh rate.


Wow, that’s a ridiculous change. From “find the best” to “ruin it”. What were they thinking?