Problem with the cursor

Hi everyone,
I tried to play Serena but the hand-cursor doesn’t change when I hover over the picture on the table nor on anything else.
I installed the latest graphics driver, turned on / off vertical sync but nothing helped.
Is there a workaround for this issue?

Win Vista 64bit
Geforce 9800gtx+ (512mb)

Edit: screenshot attached

Oh, sorry, I missed this post. This is definitely related to video driver problem. You see, most likely an openGL function that we require isn’t supported. Are you by chance attempting to run the game on a virtual machine?

In any case, please try download the drivers directly from

Hope this helps!

Probelm solved!

Because the installation of the graphics driver, which I downloaded directly from the nvidia website, wasn’t helping either, I deinstalled all nvidia-stuff to make a clean graphics driver installation (before I installed it over the old one). Now it’s working :slight_smile: