Porting Dagon to Unity

Thanks. :D

I’m checking it all out now. Excited to get started and make something. :slight_smile:

Yay! Be sure to keep us posted, glad to hear you’re back in action :smiley:


Thanks. Yeah, it’s been a while, but I feel hopeful for the future. :slight_smile:


Hi Agustin, re my post about videos in Unity Indie, here is the old post I am referring to:

[quote=“matthornb, post:4, topic:731”]Unity Indie can play animations in a sense, just not video files.

I did a successful test once in Unity Indie that involved using a custom script to swap out image files as textures on a sphere, at a rate of 30 times per second. It worked beautifully, as a way to create an animated panorama in Unity Indie. …[/quote]
Maybe I misunderstood. I thought Unity Indie couldn’t do video spots and we had to do page flipping or something…

I'm checking it all out now. Excited to get started and make something. :)

oh I get all excited but alias not the new toy :’(


Yes, it can. We found a way to do it, so you won’t need Unity Pro to render videos :slight_smile:


Did I read somewhere that cubic video textures are possible? I know that is a resource abyss and a performance hog but some of us have high-end PCs and a fully animated panorama sounds very awesome (and will eventually become the norm. 3D games already provide that albeit in a lower quality than pre-renders)

I walked by an XBox 4 looping a driving demo on a large screen and at first I literally thought I was watching an HD video…we are not far away from hitting that ‘is it real or not’ state and pre-rendering’s advantages will start to disappear, except where NON-photorealistic


It’s technically possible, but you’d have to provide huge 2048x2048 videos for each side of the cube. So it can be done for sure, but manually :nod:


how’s it going, are you any closer to being able to let us see it?


Yeah, I think we will release a preview version (of Dagonity) in Gamescom, which is two weeks from now :slight_smile:


Cool. :smiley: How useable will it be for our own projects? I’m thinking mostly in terms of being able to save and load. :slight_smile:


Pretty much like the previous Dagon++, and yes, supporting save/loading :slight_smile:


Great. :smiley: So, I will, in theory, be able to make and release a game with it?


Yup. I’m not sure how long it will take you, but the new engine should be very advanced by the time you’re done with it :slight_smile:


The project I was doing fell apart (long story :() so some Wizardry still may happen assuming its still needed :wink:


I read Francisco’s blog (http://franciscotufro.com/2014/07/crafting-madness-1-volufaketric-fog-in-asylum-2/) about how he and Pablo created the moving fog effect shown in your video. It’s a wonderful effect. Congratulations to them for figuring it out! I was sorry to see that it’s only possible using the Pro version of Unity, but I guess it was inevitable that Pro Unity would be needed eventually. I’m pretty sure that the solution to scenes containing water are going to need a similar sort of “Pro” effect as well.

Best of luck at Gamescon!


I can think of a few ways to achieve a similar (yet less impressive) effect without pro Unity, though. This is only one way to do it. Z-Depth helps in a lot of different ways.


civanT is right, there are ways to do this without Pro which tends to make things much easier. We probably won’t be able to look into fancy effects in indie Unity for some time, but the core functionality of Dagon will be there :nod:


Good to know civanT. It’d be nice to be able to start out with the free version of Unity and plan to move to the Pro version eventually. :slight_smile:


Agustin, has your group downloaded/purchased any packages from the Unity Asset Store that have proved beneficial? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Not quite yet, but we’re eying a plugin to easily create readable books/magazines and a more advanced movie player. I’ll let you know our experiences with those as soon as we get them!