Play a video using onReturn()

Agustin, I’m having trouble getting a video to play when retreating from a slide and using onReturn(). Do you see anything that I’m doing wrong? I’ve tried swapping the order of the chunks and also separating out the onReturn() function. The switch works, but the video does not play. Thanks.

[code]openedRatDoorDetail = Slide(“still_RatDoorOpen.png”, “still of Rat door opened from GY11”)
closingRatDoor:play() – doesn’t play
lookAt(0, 0, true)
end) – door closes when you retreat

–video of door closing
closingRatDoor = openedRatDoorDetail:addSpot(Spot({0, 0}, {sync = true}) )
closingRatDoor:attach(AUDIO, “door_grinding_close.ogg” )
closingRatDoor:attach(VIDEO, “RatDoorCloses.ogv” )[/code]

I’ll take care of this ASAP :nod:

Ah, thank you, sir. (I’m just glad it’s not me. :slight_smile: )