I read somewhere quite a while back that Pi, with all its infinite randomly repeating digits, has all the works of Shakespeare in it, along with all misprints. Also, you can find your birthday, social security number (do people outside the U.S. have something like a social security number?), and so on, and so on; I guess they say Pi has everything in existence?

Can anyone confirm that this is a fact or are they just guessing?

If it is fact, it would stand to reason you could find out the next sequence of lottery numbers using Pi; in other words read the future. However, Pi is so extremely big I think it might be near impossible to pour through all those numbers that go further than time and our universe itself.

Maybe using a good set of data with a brilliant math formula (using calculus techniques) you could zoom in to the right section of Pi to discover the next winning numbers in the lottery. If you figure it out, please send me some monetary denomination of Pi please; 3.14… … …


It’s quite possible that Pi may contain the entire universe because it’s infinite. Watch the movie, it’s very thought-provoking :nod:


I believe they should stop working on Asylum as anybody can download it for free from Pi together with the expansion pack… :smiley:

Otherwise, this:


The movie Contact made great use of the infinite nature of pi. Can’t fake that!