Permission to localize Serena

Hey, guys!
I just discovered Serena on Steam and I’m currently playing it on Linux. Its atmosphere is just fantastic, there’s no other word to describe it.
However, I found out that, unlike other games of yours, this one is only available in English. Can I localize it myself into Italian?

I am a translator by trade, and have already worked on other videogames before (in particular, ASA: A Space Adventure and The Night of the Rabbit, among others), so I know how to handle the whole process.

If you’re okay with that, I’d like to have the “blank” images that make up the letter, that is, the images of the parchments without any writings on them.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! So glad to hear you enjoyed the game! We actually do have an Italian translator who is already helping us. In fact, the upcoming update to Serena should support the language among others. Still, thank you so much for the offer, and we’ll keep in mind if we need further help :slight_smile: