Agustin, I see that we can use onReturn on a slide, but I don’t see anything like onEnter. Is this in the works? Also, in trying to work out puzzles, I keep feeling the need for a way to have a spot recognize when the mouse is over it —an onHover – at least on buttons for overlays. Not sure what you’ll be adding as you work on Asylum, but these would be helpful. (Managing all of these spots is making me :? . :wink: )

I didn’t include an onEnter because you can do it manually; instead of switching to a zoom, switch to a custom function and do all the specific stuff before showing the zoom there :wink:

The onHover is an absolute must, yes. Especially when designing custom interfaces. It will be added in the short term, as well as easier ways to manage all those blasted spots!

That’s good news about onHover, Agustin. Thanks. I’ve been able to set up a spot to do most of what I need on enter, it’s mostly videos giving me a fit.