New visual effects in glorious HD


Here’s a few videos showing some of the new environmental effects you’ll see while you’re walking inside Hanwell. These were taken straight from the game in HD, though YouTube always introduces unwanted compression (the real deal looks even better!). Enjoy:


Hey! I like the effects and stuff, but I believe in the rain scene, the sound doesn’t match the view… from the sound of the rain, I was expecting to see a lot more drops on the screen, like really heavy rain.

Other than that, looking forward to walk the dusty, wet and foggy corridors of Hanwell =D


The rain does look slightly heavier in the game itself (several drops get blurred in the video), but it’s also true the sound needs to match it even better :slight_smile:


These effects are really great! However there is one thing that concerns me, when the camera moves it gives me the impression there is some kind of lag in the transition, in the first two videos its really noticeable! In third one its more smooth. Are you aware of that?


Glad you like the effects! That lag you see is mostly related to the recording program, which always introduces high CPU usage, and unoptimized framerates (these interim builds had extreme high quality options enabled and the particle effects aren’t 100% final or performance-friendly). You should experience super smooth framerates in the actual game :slight_smile:


These are great but they do have crappy quality, even for non-HD. I’ve seen plenty of truly HD videos on Youtube. There must be a way to control the compression.


I honestly have no idea… The original videos are in beautiful 1080p quality. I’ll investigate further.


Best method of getting stuff to look good on youtube is to capture/export in an uncompressed (or near as possible) AVI in the target resolution and use Handbrake (nifty, free program) and do a slow MP4 2 pass compression. I’m always really happy with the results. Adobe/Final Cut’s preset containers all lean towards Quicktime which is always on the laggy/blocky side.


Hey, this is a great tip. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: