Mysterious Dev Team

Who are they and what are they up to? :paranoid:

From time to time I have noticed people logged in (shown at the bottom of the main forum page) who I would click on and under their username it would say “Mysterious Dev Team”. When you click on someone’s username you can find more information about that person; like posts they have made. Well these people that are part of the Mysterious Dev Team have posts. Normally you can read posts from users, however the Mysterious Dev Team posts you cannot read. :no:

Here are a couple of the profiles; but there are more. :secret:

These people are also a part of the Mysterious Dev Team :secret: :


Hey, I know all those guys. Now my interest and paranoia are flaring. The one thing I want to know, though, is why I haven’t been invited to the club. I put my submission in months ago. It’s because I passed the psych evaluation, isn’t it? I’m much too sane for this supersecret sect of Illuminati wannabes, isn’t it? :))


On a more serious note, though, there are differing levels of access. You can’t see their posts because you don’t have access to the areas that they’re posting in. All forums have these “members only” sections. The backer-only and VIP sections are two such examples.

There is no actual developer team. Each individual is a different part of Agustín’s fragmented, deeply disturbed personality. :wink:

Inm8#2 figured it out. We can all go home now.


I guess they used such forums to coordinate their work back when they didn’t had their office yet. Perhaps they still use it to some extent.

So the plot thickens. :o

Kudos for an amazing answer. Funny AND scary at the same time :wink:

Can’t answer for the other guys, but this may shed some light on who I am.

Then again, possibly (hopefully?) not.

[quote=“Frede, post:13, topic:654”]Can’t answer for the other guys, but this may shed some light on who I am.

Then again, possibly (hopefully?) not.[/quote]

I thought you were a loser. Or is that giving too much away? ;D

Says the android!


What’s wrong with being an android. The terminator is not impressed.


MusicallyInspired or Brandon Blume (Manitoba, Canada):

Brandon Blume is an enthusiastic composer and musician. He has enjoyed eagerly working with clients to compose music for video games, websites, and short films. As a musician, Brandon is a guitarist, drummer, and bassist in his local church's music ministry and also frequently plays for other churches and concerts including shows with two-time Grammy-nominated hip hop artist Fresh IE. Brandon also a played guitar and produced the music of EDIFY.

As an avid composer and producer, Brandon has worked on a number of personal projects over the years for friendly competitions, group collaborative efforts, and simply as a personal hobby. He has experience ranging from recording small tracks for short films and introduction themes for websites to full complete video game soundtracks. As well as music, Brandon has also designed sound effects for video games.

Brandon’s other interests include film, video gaming, web development & design, graphic design, 3D modeling, computer application & game programming, computer/electronics hardware, and biking.

estirdalin or Jenny Pattison (Dundee, United Kingdom):

[url=]Concept Artist[/url]; Lead portrait artist at [url=]INFAMOUS QUESTS[/url].

TorbenFrost or Troels Pleimert (Roskilde, Denmark):

an amateur musician, amateur record company owner, amateur adventure game designer, amateur fiction writer and amateur human being.

Simo Sakari Aaltonen or… Simo Sakari Aaltonen (Tampere, Finland):

Worked in FISHLABS Ent. GmbH on Galaxy on Fire. Currently working in the gaming industry and writing a companion book for a popular adventure game series.

Canada, UK, Denmark, Finland… It’s really Mysterious Dev Team :smiley: Anyway, we know that they love adventure games :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Frede, who are you? :smoke:


Ta-da! Frede is in Aarhus, Denmark. He and Troels Pleimert are on Also we known that Simo Sakari Aaltonen writing a companion book for a popular adventure game series. Space Quest is the popular game series, right? :slight_smile:

Oh no, now this mean bad guy revealed the real identities of the super heros. :stuck_out_tongue:

... bad guy ...