Mobile ports still happening?


I know I saw in the Kickstarter that mobile ports were in the pipeline. I was wondering if we were still on board to have those happen?


Yes, iOS is happening, and we actually confirmed the Android port in a Kickstarter update:

In fact, we’ve already did some tests to support mobile VR like Daydream and Gear. It’s quite impressive :slight_smile:


i love that it’s running on a samsung galaxy s5 in that image. at least i’m pretty sure that is an s5. i was a little concerned about running it on my tablet (which is running similar architecture)


Yes, it’s very lightweight and should run on most (fairly) modern tablets/cellphones!


As far as I am concerned games like this and Scratches are best while immersed.
So there are opposing elements in this thread:
VR is currently the ultimate in immersive experiences.
And yet a little device in your palm is the opposite.

Have you ideas about navigation with the VR ports?
(ironically this needs a palm-sized device).

I will probably play this on a normal screen. VR hardware is just not good enough or comfortable enough to do justice to games of this quality.


It actually looks quite better than what you would expect. Obviously, it depends on how large the device is and what kind of pixel density it offers. But it’s immersive enough and fun to play. The kind of control scheme we have in mind is a sort of hands-free approach – we call it Look And Interact™ :smiley:

And it really is just like that: you look at a hotspot for 1-2 seconds until you trigger the interaction. It makes the gameplay more slowly but the comfortable and immersive approach makes up for it. Definitely works well!


That may be true, but the fact of the matter is that VR is such a tiny portion of the marketplace that it doesn’t make sense to focus on it ahead of the Steam/GOG/whatever release. Personally I would prefer to play it on my tablet but I really don’t think Android is going to make up a significant number of sales of a game like this. Yes, I’ll personally buy it on that platform, but I can understand entirely if Senscape decides to wait to launch it on iOS/Android.

Aside from that fact, most VR headsets sold in 2016 were designed with cellphones in mind. 98% of the market. Because the fact of the matter is that the Vive, Rift & PS VR are still all very expensive to get into. In fact, the opposite is kind of true. It’s clearly the kind of platform for people with money to burn and now I’m kind of talking down my own argument now.

I don’t know. Looking at the content available for the VR marketplace, maybe now is the best time to put something of really high quality out there. Most of the games available for VR seem to be…not low quality, but experiences that don’t offer much in the way of depth. I can see something like Asylum really making a mark on Steam where there really doesn’t seem to be much quality content available for VR.


I believe there’s a big opportunity for narrative-driven games like Asylum to make a dent in the VR market. It’s a different kind of game that plays well enough with a headset. It remains to be seen how much time players are willing to spend on VR – most current titles right now are really short, whereas we’d be talking about well above a dozen hours in the case of Asylum.

Also, Android won’t make up significant sales, but GearVR is a different story, and I bet Daydream will be a big player as well :slight_smile: