Mega Spot!

I’m on with a little project and I enabled the option to see spots, in the teaser game it works fine but on my project at first glance the graphics haven’t loaded but if you pan about the room is there it appears to be a massive spot, the room has a dark blue tint
All the spots in the room actually do work, exits and spots I’ve created.
Maybe I’ve left something from Asylum main script I’m not sure, the “room” file has next to nothing in it

Hi Nige, the only thing that I can possibly think of is the saturation effect. If your cube image has a dark blue undertone and you have the saturation turned up above 100, say, then it could enhance that or if it’s turned lower, it could decrease the color in the image to the point where it looks grayish-blue. I can’t think of anything else.

The game is fine with config.showSpots = false.
Its using TEX , although I should maybe move on to images seeing as that’s the way things are heading

Ah sussed it, if effects = false in the cfg file and config.showSpots = true you get the problem

Huh… well, good to know. I don’t anticipate turning the effects of in the cfg file, but you never know. Thanks, Nige.