Massive new Asylum trailer for Halloween


… which I’m posting a day later, I know. Yesterday was particularly crazy with this announcement and an extensive update for Kickstarter backers.

This video is the result of many years of work, and it’s still just a glimpse of the kind of experience and terrors you’ll find inside the Hanwell Mental Institute. We wanted to create something that makes you feel like you’re playing the game, with hints of the mysterious story that will haunt your nightmares for strange aeons to come.

We know it’s awfully delayed but we’re working hard every day to ensure Asylum meets your expectations.


Looks amazing Agustin.


Thanks! We’re aware that certain things look dated, especially the characters, but we’re hoping to have enough time to perform one last revision of assets. But overall, the game is looking far, far better than anything we ever imagined :slight_smile:


This looks great Agustin! Keep it up and make the best experiance for us players! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the trailer! I can’t wait for the game. It looks like it will be amazing!


Trailer looks great.


Glad you enjoyed the trailer, folks! We’re cooking up some very interesting news for you, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


What frequency? I can’t find Asylum on the dial …


Hhmmmm… Try “666”.


This is the first time I’ve viewed this trailer. It is creepy and compelling at the same time.


hi there, checked trailer …creepy atmosphere gotta say…and this is what everyone expects…huehue…
Do you have a preorder date for steam platform or it’s still too early ?


We’re only going to do pre-orders when we’re really close to release date, so yes, it’s still early. However, I’m not ruling out the possibility of doing an Early Access on Steam, if fans like the idea. I’d only do it once a good chunk of the game is fully playable and as bug-free as possible, which may be happening fairly soon.


Is the final game going to maintain the freelook while standing, but click to advance to the next spot, or will you be able to walk freely around the environment as you would in a typical 1st person game?


It is going to maintain freelook while standing, yes, or node-based movement like in Scratches. It’s the perfect format for Asylum, which has a slow-paced gameplay focusing on solving mysteries and exploring :slight_smile:


Sounds good! I’m used to ‘shooters’ so it was at first a bit off-putting, but I now appreciate the intentional slowing of the pace to foster attention to detail.