Lovecraftian adventure games

Hello Agustín,
after getting the news about CDW and reading your wonderful analysis about horror and Lovecraftian horror in games especially (see the last CDW-Kickstarter update), I finally must take the effort and write again in your forum.
First of all, I totally agree with you about anything you write. It takes away the horror, if it is given some sort of form which the player sees, can fight directly and finally answers all the uncanny questions which arise during the story.
I know most of the games you mention, besides ‘Shadow of the Comet’ (they don’t have that on GOG yet, do they?). BUT getting up tomorrow morning I was suddenly totally shocked when realizing that you didn’t even mention ‘Darkness Within’ in your list! In my opinion the two games come really close to Lovecraftian horror with some very cool climaxes where you get a glimpse of something horrible, but not so much that it takes everything away. I still regret the second part which seemed a little unfinished. Apparently the developers ran out of time/money. (Shouldn’t there be three parts at first?) :frowning:
Haven’t you played this?

I really hope CDW reaches its goal!


Hi Zak, thank you for the support! I’m working on the second part of that article. No, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t play any of the Darkness Within games. I was told that the first one has a bit in common with Scratches. I’ll have to give them a short someday :slight_smile:

Shadow of the Comet is not available on, regrettably :frowning:

Did you actually play Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness, Agustín?
It plays in Providence in 1927 (although it doesn’t really show anything of the city itself, as it plays mainly in it’s outskirt and a village close to it) and it also features alchemy and necromantics.
It states on the box that the game is based on the novel of H. P. Lovecraft, I wonder how accurately they handled that interpretation with characters like Edgar Wycherley, William H. Stanton or Gregor Herschell or the village Pawtuxet?

It seems to me that Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness is actually a very, very lose interpretation of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Significantly altered details and different characters, but principally the same story.

I must admit that by far my favorite Lovecraft story is Mountain’s of Madness; maybe one day this will be on the list for an adventure game.

A Lovecraftian adventure game that I always thought would be a huge hit would be based around the history of the Shining Trapezohedron! :o

It could be broken up into chapter-like sections in the same vein as Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (another Lovecraftian game) where you play in different eras and as different characters related to the stone.

Creating it on the planet Yuggoth and the bringing it to primordial earth as an Old One. Seeing how it affected the serpent people of Valusia and the beings of Lomar upon finding it, of the young humans of Lemuria all the way to Atlantis and the ancient Egyptians, across lost time to Enoch Bowen and his creation of Starry Wisdom; to the events of The Haunter of the Dark and Robert Blake and Ambrose Dexter and beyond!

There is so much wonderful history and lore that can be explored in that adventure game I’ve created within my mind! :reading: