Looking to feed a gothic need


One of my favorite Hammer Films is The Gorgon. It is more stately and moody than standard horror, but huge on atmosphere and of course that Hammer color tone.
Anybody recommend another moody/cozy horror film like this? Another movie that I recall low on screams and high on mood was It with Roddie McDowell (with similar Hammer-like tones).


Though not Hammer Films, you should totally watch Legend of Hell House with Roddy McDowall!


A lonnnnng time ago Friday night, 11pm was Hammer night here in the UK, you know the good ole days when we only had 4 channels to choose from and could always find something to watch.
I loved those films very creepy, although my mind is a total blank on what to recommend :-[

When I was 9 I had my tonsils out and hemorrhaged, so I end up in hospital for a few weeks, in my own room and TV, I fell asleep doped up to the eyeballs and wake up to a Hammer film with this creepy woman with white eyes, totally freaked me out and to this day I can’t handle white eyes or any sort of messed up eyes

Not Hammer but the original Omen, scared my youngest daughter(she’s 24, maybe 21 at the time) none of my daughters will watch Poltergeist(original)

I prefer the older horror film with out all the cheap shock factor we have now, most are like those screamer videos which I really don’t like… I think I lasted 20 minutes with the American version of Ring, the original Japanese ones are way better, so I would recommend those if you can live with sub titles

The last “horror” film I watched was Constantine, its about all my heart can take these days lol although I got told off by my daughter because I never warned her about the scary girl at the beginning :))


I’ve never seen the Hammer series. I recently watched Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, but it wasn’t so much scary as it was beautiful. The cast, costumes, and sets were wonderful, but the story was mediocre, I thought. Still, I couldn’t seem to get the visuals out of my head and I watched it again three more times. :stuck_out_tongue:


I miss Roddy (‘Fright Night’!). He was an institution in Hollywood for many many MANY decades. Hell House is one of my favorites, although it has that '70s look I have come to dislike.
BTW Agustin, I searched out House of the Long Shadows and despite the horrible print quality which probably wasn’t very good originally it was a lot of fun, despite the huge plot holes. David Carradine, wow! I miss all those guys. Funny that two of them actually made it into Star Wars films! Now if only Vincent Price had latest long enough for Star Wars…actually, that’s hard to imagine, he was such a ham at times.

Imari, you probably HAVE seen some of the Hammer films since they pretty much defined the Frankenstein, Mummy, and Dracula genres for a long time. The subjects became considered cheesy for quite some time after that (Count Chocula anybody?) until Anne Rice resurrected the vampire, and the Brendan Frasier Mummy movies. Haven’t seen any signs of a Frankenstein renaissance though.

The thing I like most about some of the Hammer Films is they introduced a gothic Technicolor look to a genre that must be ‘black and white’ until then. Some people thought the blood was too red for sensitive audiences. Too soft and cartoony for nowadays but a sumptuous feast for the eyes. I would love to see a modern film use a Technicolor look. ‘Victor and Victoria’ was made in the 80s and was set in the 20s ( think) but they chose a mid-century Technicolor look and one reason it is one of my favorite films (despite hating musicals).
Technicolor was a brute force technology at the time that literally filmed onto three separate strips of film for each RGB. Wizard of Oz, old Looney Toons, and the 1953 War of the Worlds are great examples of the medium. Maybe I’m just getting too old :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Constantine’ is a unique film. The look and pacing are like a modern Hammer film with a high budget, loved it!
I will check out Crimson Peak; del Toro certainly has a way with the visuals that nobody else approaches. My experience with him has been similar to Imari’s: I just can’t connect with his stories very well but I really really want to because of the looks.

BTW, Hammer Films was resurrected recently and their first release was Let the Right One In, another favorite of mine. Good start for them. Lady In Black was second, VERY gothic and perfect role for a grown up Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe’s look (and name!) are really suited for period pieces.


Maybe “The City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel)” is a movie in the vein you like? Very moody imho.
Also “Ghostkeeper (aka Wendigo)” and “Tower of Evil” are very moody. Tower of Evil has some cheesy moments, but it’s worth a watch.