Kinesis/Dagon engine

I’ve seen some mention of people already doing stuff with these engines. Are they available to the public? Are Kinesis and Dagon the same engine (Dagon being just an in-house version of Kinesis)?

Where can you get these engines?

The engine’s first name was Kinesis but it was later changed to Dagon. I think Agustin will post here and tell you how to get a copy of the engine - just be … patient :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also be very very interested. :o

The engine is not yet publicly available, but we are going to release a test version soon. As Andis pointed out, Dagon is the new incarnation of our former engine (Kinesis). So there’s only one :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, we’re working extensively on this!

Hi. Sorry if I seem inpatient…but is there anyway to get some more info regarding this engine before the public release? Maybe some docs/feature list in the works? Or is downloading Scratches and looking at that engine/game going to give me some hints of what I can expect from the Dagon engine?

It’s understandable if you’re impatient. We’ve been performing some extensive refactoring, to prepare the engine for public release, so the test version that I mentioned is delayed.

However, we’re going to open a private repository soon (for real) so that interested developers will be able to peruse the code and a Wiki. In the meantime, you could say that the engine has on the surface many things in common with Scratches. Internally, it’s far more advanced and stable though. It allows for greater flexibility than the Scratches engine.

(it’s also much more portable, as Scratches was only available on Windows)

Can we move this to the Main Discussion Forum ?

Ok. Sounds interesting. Would just like to add that as an old fan of adventure/puzzle games this engine looks awesome. More of a graphics designer rather than a coder, it’s hard for me to alter/extend stuff…but I think this engine will cover most of what my project needs.

Regarding moving this discussion to another part of the forum - will you move this thread over there Agustin? Or should I ask further questions elsewhere? (main discussion that is…)

Ps. Watched the asylum trailers at youtube…as well as an interview with Agustin. Simply great work!


This is the public forum, the main one remains private. Any particular reason why you want to have this moved?


I’m sure you will be delighted with the ease of use of Dagon. We’ve gone to great extents to make everything as simple as possible. You can disregard many technicalities and annoying considerations as you code the actual game. For example, memory management: who cares about that these days? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, feel free to keep asking questions in this forum. We’re going to allow new developers very soon! And thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Hm. Ok. Trying not to be too detailed…but here’s some wonders I have had;

My game is going to have some button/lever/handle/wheel interactions. How is the initial support for dealing with mouse inputs in various ways? And how do you handle different states in the engine? Is it prepared to deal with different objects/scenes beeing in different states in a practical manner? Sorry for maybe beeing a bit vague…but hope you’ll understand.

Another question is…how is the game logic in general going to be set up? An (external) scripting environment or a more graphical approach? (think unreal kismet).

I believe game logic is going to be mainly external scripting, although you can program the game in realtime, using the internal console. Some utilites are planned which will make things like hotspot creating easier. I don’t know much about the rest, so I defer to Agustin:)

@tobiasniva You are referring to puzzles that require specific interfaces, understood. The bottom line is this: you will be able to create a slide (static image) and overlay on it several smaller images. You have full control over their states (enabled, disabled) and will be able to manipulate them (for example, move a lever which means displacing an image).

Now, custom mouse control, not so much. If you mean dragging an item to a specific location, we don’t plan to support that in the short term. Then again, the engine will be open source so anyone is free to implement such feature.

Like jfcwilson said, you will do all this via a very simple external script which is complemented with an in-game console (like Quake). No graphical tools will be available in the short term but the easiness of the script should make up for that :slight_smile:

Ok, sounds fair enough. Another question along this then;
Will it be possible to overlay “interactive” images (or animaion/series of images) on top of the panoramas? I´m not sure, gameplay wise, you would want the player to worry about changing the view as well as operation e.g. some machinary…so maybe it´ll be better to be in a more static view/slide when pulling levers, turning wheels and such.

But it would be nice to give the environments a more dynamic feel with adding movement to the “worlds”. But what I´ve seen in the Asylum-trailers I think this is already possible…am I right?

I think you mean being able to click&drag a hotspot so that an animation plays at the speed you pull it along? Like drawers and levers in Myst 4?
If so, it’s probably possible—but would require some relativly complex scripting.

@jfcwilson: Yes, interactions like some of the Myst-games is definitely something that I am going to use/need. But if I would script/code an “interface” for sensing different mouse inputs like dragging and such…do you think it will be quite the same implementing these in slides as well as in the panoramas? (I realize that figuring out the direction is more straight forward in slides than in panoramas…)

The same logic applies to nodes, yes. Think of the entire hierarchy of objects as this:

Game World → Rooms → Nodes / Slides → Spots

So a room can contain both Nodes and Slides, and those Spots are “patches” or regions that can be many things: an audio loop, a video, a bitmap. They can be clicked and manipulated in many ways.

With this scheme in mind, you should be able to achieve pretty much anything you have in mind, with varying degrees of difficulty. Roughly speaking, the effort should be the same no matter if it’s a Node or a Slide :slight_smile:

@agustin: just trying to keep the Adventure Development sub-forum about things other than the engine itself, ie techniques, useful software, GUI ideas, cube-map creation. I guess without a public Dagon-specific forum questions like these have nowhere else to go :slight_smile:

Ah, great point. You’re most right. As soon as I open up the other forum, I will certainly shuffle around a few posts :nod:

or you could just create a new public forum for users (the catch-bin for newbs :slight_smile: ) and designate the current Dagon forum for developers/beta-testers. ?

I might just do that, yes. Thing is, we’re so close to releasing a demo (and thus opening up the entire forum) that I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’ll think about it :nod: