KickStarter-Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos

I usually don’t do promotion but I helped this guy early on when he first started with Visionaire and there’s a few “why don’t you?” things in this game I put forward :slight_smile:

He’s started a KickStarter campaign and it would be great if people could help.
I love the artwork and the whole tongue in cheek humour and Kris is a really nice guy and for once is looking for a reasonable amount :wink:

I’ve gotten to know Kris a bit, too, through Facebook and the Kickstarter. I helped him streamline his pitch and I’d also love to see Jason the Greek make it. If it gets funded I get to be killed off as a “red skirt”, if that makes any difference. ;D

Nice one :slight_smile:

Well he’s half way there with 11 days to go, so fingers crossed he’ll get all the way 8)