Just a few comments and questions


I just bought a higher-end VR headset that also required a gamer-class PC (which means I now have a KILLER slim laptop.)
I’m more interested in creativity than playing games though, and lately have resumed work on my ‘game’. I need to stop sand-boxing and start game-ifying, and without Dagonity (gonna keep saying ‘Unigon’ until it sticks. So much more fun to say :), I’ve been forced to look at double-downing on Unity in general. There are lots of VR-based templates so I at least have a place to start.

As for the forum: I still find this forum quiet enough to actually have a conversation, as opposed to Discord, which is more like having a conversation with somebody standing close to you in a large room with a party going on.
Anyway, where is the best place in Discord to still have the kinds of adventure-game development talks we had here? The advantage here, in the past, was the focus on the specific kinds of adventures Dagon was designed for, which keeps the talk focused. ‘General’ adventure-dev forums just cover too large a topic.
Also, I can’t tell how to ask something of Agustin directly. Are you becoming more famous and harder to reach as your exposure becomes larger? Such is the price of fame I suppose :slight_smile:
Also can’t seem to have user-created topics/threads on Discord.


Well, you should at least take a look at Unreal Engine for VR, which is vastly more powerful than Unity. If you have the computer to handle it, give it a try. As far as I know, Unity doesn’t support realtime editing while in VR.

As for Discord, on the contrary, I’m more present on Discord than I used to be in this forum. I’m always around, you can ping my user tag Agustin#0666 and I’ll be there in a sec :smiley:

The channel #gamedev is by far the best place to have this sort of conversation. In fact, it’s way quieter than the rest of the channels, so you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to follow a discussion there.

Give it a try, there’s really no looking back for many folks after you get a hold of it :slight_smile:


OK, I will take a look at Unreal. I know it is supposed to be the king but also more complicated. If I could just find a basic point-n-click game maker like Pipmak that supports developing VR for Windows MIxed Reality I would be happy. Editing in-game sounds ideal but not very comfortable or productive with the state of the HW nowadays.
Although my Samsung Odyssey is one of the best VR hardwares, it is only supported by the Windows universe, which is small and will probably stay that way. I can’t even publish to Steam with it! (I don’t think).
But since I’m not likely to go commercial, and the only comparable quality is the $$$$$ Vive Pro, then I can live with this.
How come Asylum didn’t go with Unreal?


See, this is why you should be on Discord. We are finishing Asylum with Unreal, and even working on a Dagon-like plugin for it :slight_smile: