Journals with scrolling buttons

Need some advice. What would be the best approach to create a “journal” that displays scrolling entries which can be clicked to perform specialized functions for the selected entry? The attached function for each entry would be the same, but the parameters for each list entry would be different. I thought about buttons, as in the Asylum Teaser, but I wasn’t sure the other attached data, e.g. image, could be determined on click of the button… and scrolling seems like it would be difficult. I thought about using a slide with hotspots, but didn’t want to go down that road unless it is a reasonable approach. Appreciate some hints.

It depends on how polished you want it to be: smooth scrolling is doable but probably will be a bit messy at this point, at least until we give you more flexibility. The idea would be like this: you use slides. You have one large spot with the contents and then another spot with alpha channel that acts as a mask. Whenever you push the buttons or any GUI element you create, you slowly move the background spot and all the spots contained within. It should work just fine, but it’s cumbersome.

If you don’t require smooth scrolling, then it’s much easier. You simply recreate the contents whenever a button is pushed, and that means any images attached to the spots as well.

One upcoming feature is groups: you will be able to group any quantity of spots and then perform operations on the group alone. This should help a lot with your requirements :nod:

In the first instance, I’m assuming that the background spot’s image would look like a long film strip with blanks slots at the right? Can this spot be partially “off stage” on the slide at the start? I’m not sure how I would specify coordinates to move it or wrap it around the cube and out of sight. Perhaps it would need a different design for the shape?

I know that this is an exhilarating (and stressful!) time for you, but I’m hoping that the possibility of having animations play on overlays and a way for a to spot recognize when the mouse is over it (“onHover”) are high on your list of additions to Dagon. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can move the spot off screen (by using negative coordinates). But to wrap around… hhhmmm. Sorry, the only way now would be to use a repeated spot and keep rotating both as the user scrolls. We should probably allow the possibility to draw the same spot twice on screen. It would simplify things much more…

D’oh… I wasn’t even thinking of negative coordinates. That would work. Meanwhile we’re trying a variation on the Journal. I need to redo our images… again. :?