Jonathan Boakes announces release date of The Last Crown

Jonathan Boakes has announced to release “The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Island Isle”, the successor of "The Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure, in the week leading to Halloween 2013. Good company for Asylum, if Senscape can keep their release date.

You can find the official blogspot post here. Apart from the release date you can read there more about the game, find three new screenshots and have a look at some tech tests for Dark Fall 4 (based on Unity engine in full 3D).

And if you don’t already know it, I also recommend the official site for The Last Crown for all the yet released screensshots.

This is exciting news! The end of 2013 is going to be great for adventure games! Asylum, The Last Crown, and Project Fedora.

Awesome company indeed! I guess it’s time I finish The Lost Crown now :-[

Been waiting for this one for awhile. Look forward to it!

Now let’s see if Bracken Tor can get a release date.

Fall 2013 will be one of the scariest seasons ever for adventure games!

:o Agustín, how could you!

I’m SO excited for “The Last Crown”, (and “The First Crown” and “Dark Fall 4”!) can’t wait! Been a huge J.B fan since “Dark Fall”. I’m also eagerly awaiting Matt Clark’s “Bracken Tor” (and “Wychwood Hollow”).

gonna be a fear-fest indeed… blowing leaves…chilly wind…right Agustin? :stuck_out_tongue:
So, what’s it like to live in a place where the seasons are upside down? Do you get nauseous? Dizzy? Is it just so whack you spend all your time wishing the north-pole was at the other end of the other earth, or do you merely sit in silent awe at the way the washtub drain swirls in the opposite direction? ???

Actually haven’t played any of these games. Are Dark Fall and The Lost Crown two separate series? How many games is there in each series so far?

Just to sum up, Tommy; Darkfall is a node-based, spooky adventure story set in an old railway station. It’s very simple and charming with a great, creepy atmosphere. There was a sequel set in and around an old lighthouse called Lights Out, I didn’t like that a much but it’s a decent tale. The third Darkfall game is a sinister and dark revisit to the station again. Some fun scares to be had here. It’s the one I would compare closest to Scratches. The Lost Crown is a third person ghost hunting adventure with a super photographic look. Very long and very absorbing. Let’s hope the next games keep up the high standard!

Ah, thanks!

Great news indeed. Been waiting on The Last Crown for a long time.

@Tommy, I’ll also add that one of the protagonists from The Lost Crown appears in Dark Fall and there are some other connections (Hadden Industries anyone?) that imply the two are taking place in the same “universe” but there is no direct connection between the two.

Now, if we can only get a release date on Brakken Tor!

All this time I’ve seen things about Dark Fall: Lost Souls and didn’t even realize it was a part of a series!

I can’t wait for those games too. I also thought Rhiannon Curse of the Four Branches was an excellent game.
They just don’t make enough of these types of games. I don’t care for the war, or apocalypse games.

What about apocalyptic war games?

Just spotted the website for The Last Crown now has new content. A new text to bring us in the right mood for the game and 6 new screenshots.

Which quite unsettles or better shocks me is that the new website also seems to announce the price for the digital download directly from the Shadow Tor shop of only 5$ :o.
Why would Jonathan Boakes squander his game that hard, especially as Amazon here in Germany lists the boxed version with 29,99€. That should make his publisher angry and although I happily wanted to pay 29,99€, this makes me unsure if The Last Crown will be good. That wouldn’t matter if I would buy it for 3,69€(5$), but then I would feel really bad if I find it as good as expected after playing it. ???

I suppose we should wait for reviews before blindly buying it.

^ The $5 price is for a standalone game called “The Halloween Haunting”. Proceeds will go toward funding The Last Crown.

Read more here:

OK, that’s better.

Perhaps Asylum and The Last Crown will still be released approximately at the same date.

Rats, not available yet… :frowning:

Well, it’s meant for Halloween. Still 19 days to wait.

I hope The Last Crown won’t need another two years, otherwise I’ll have to write a letter to Dr. Ambrose H. Miller. ;D

Having played all of Jonathan Boakes’s games in the past, I’m confident waiting for the end result of The Last Crown. I think Jonathan is really driven by quality, and will hold off releasing his games until the end product meets his standards. The only downside to that is having to be patient. ???

I find Boakes’ games to be suspenseful and absorbing without being contrived (and no gore!). They are always a certain buy for me. :slight_smile: