iPad port

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading plenty in the wiki - since last time I was here it has vastly improved - well done and great work! It all seems simple really, apart from the actual .tex file creation which for me is the biggest learning curve with blender, but it’s fun nevertheless!

One thing I was wondering was what is the estimated timescale for the iPad support to be made? Is this after the game is complete or ready for the same time? And as well as that, is it going to be iPad specific? I presume it wouldn’t be too much work to make it work on iPhone (I’m guessing retina-only, though, due to resolution?).

Cheers, and keep up the good work :smiley:

The plan is to have the iPad port ready at the same time of release, hopefully around October. But, we might have to release it a couple of months later depending on how things go. That is, it may be difficult to tweak performance up to the standards we want.

Also, the idea is to focus on iPad for now, and eventually iPhone.

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Thanks for clearing that up, Agustín!