Introducing the novel hotspot creation system in Dagon for unity!


sure, I know you have the stick all the way back. BTW, it’s the Blender Addon that is obsolete, not any hotspots I have


In case you missed it, the latest (and surprisingly popular!) update about writing in Asylum features samples of JSON files and the new Lua code:

As you can see, creating interactive stuff in the new engine is insultingly simple :smiley:


Any chance to get an equivalent system in Dagon++, Agustín?
It would be completely awesome to allow folks to create hotspots in their favourite editor, (3DS, Blender, what ever people want to write the scripts for) have them be exported to a common JSON format, let Dagon++ expose those hotspots through Lua so all the usual interaction can be coded for them. Don’t you agree? :grin:


I still have to elaborate what happened with our implementation of that hotspot parser. Yes, it sounded great on paper, but in practice our solution required too much tweaking to make it work properly, so we had to settle with another approach (which I’ll be discussing in our upcoming Asylum stream).

But yes, the plan is to allow easily exporting of whatever you created in the visual editor to Dagon++. A simple JSON structure would be more than enough for that.

I even devised the name for this file format: DAX (Dagon Adventure EXchange) :stuck_out_tongue:


About that Asylum stream… any chance for non-backers such as myself to attend? :sweat_smile:

I for one don’t have the knowledge of Blender (which would be my go to tool because it is open source) required to export one’s creation to a JSON file - though I could probably learn. On the Dagon++ side of things however, know that I am ready to partake in implementing such a system.
I we ever get there I will probably be a proponent of making save files use a JSON format as well. It’s far less storage efficient of course, but it is human readable and thus fixable when (not if) the situation calls for it. In that case it will be a better fit for Dagon’s open source nature as well.


Agreed, JSON is ideal for serializing any kind of data. The DAX format is more or less defined, I just need to get around to writing the exporter.

Perhaps we can do something about that stream, yeah :dark_sunglasses:


This might be an obsolete notion by now but how would the color-indexed-object method capture shadows? The brute force method would require including any object affected by the shadows. Also particle effects or any other animatable that is not an object. Just saying!


Yeah, it is fairly obsolete because we ended up rolling a different implementation for the hotspot creation. One that was requested ages ago: the ability to actually draw hotspots on screen.

Long story short, the workflow of producing colored textures, scanning them, and tweaking hotspots as needed didn’t work out as expected. At least in our case, it’s actually faster to quickly draw hotspots directly on the node.

More on this soon :slight_smile: