Introduce your Dagon projects here!


We know about Adamantus and projects by nigec and shadowphile, but there are more around. Please, whenever you’re ready, do tell us about your work with Dagon, even if it’s an early experiment. We’d love to hear what you’re doing with the engine!


I feel like I should at least mention what I’m working on at this point. I have chosen to be very discreet about my project for a long time now. That’s partly because I hate to disappoint and partly because I learned the hard way that talking is easier than doing.

What I’m working on is a mystery/horror project mostly because I’m a huge horror fanatic. My all time favorites are games like Silent Hill series, Scratches, Darkness Within, Dark Souls, The Last Crown, Call of Cthulhu DCotE, and similar atmospheric games which should give you a good hint about what kind of road I’m following with my game. I don’t really like gore and jump scares and I’m not really a big fan of games like Syberia and Myst mostly because they are not really uhmm encaptivating, if that’s the right word.

My game doesn’t have a name yet. The story and the script of the game are complete and I’ve been in 3D modeling process for a few months now. Also I started doing in game tests last week to see how the game works. Until now everything seems in order thanks to great work Agustin put into Dagon which made everything possible for my game.

The game’s story involves a detective who’s working on a serial killer case that is decades old and cold in a remote and mostly deserted town. We try to put a light on this case while learning more and more about this town’s dark past and reasons behind its doom. The things we will learn are going to be well beyond what our detective expects from this seemingly dead case. A little murder here, a little conspiracy there, a little paranormal here, a little darkness there, and that’s about it.

Sorry for not sharing anything concrete for now. Even though I hate to hear these words I must say I can show something only when it’s ready.

I am not a professional game developer but have been working on game development on various things mostly being game mods and small games. It’s probably been eight years since I created my first level in a game and been ten years since I started using my first 3d application, but I’ve been working seriously on 3d only for a few years now.

After everything I experienced from Half Life mods to UDK games, CryEngine demos to Unity test, my final decision for my first serious project has become making a panoramic adventure game. To be honest, my full conviction was when I first saw Dagon and Asylum teaser with it. I’m a huge fan of Scratches and after considering everything I can do, the best choice for me was trying to follow that example, because that was what I’d really love to work on and it’s the best way for me considering my skill set and limits. Also I can safely say I have good experience at failing and everything that can be problem in a project. I believe that’ll be my biggest helper in this road.

That’s all I guess. I just wanted say hi to all fellow sea god worshippers and I’ll be around here :reading:


Thanks for sharing that, civanT! Sounds lovely, and I’m very glad to hear that Dagon fits your needs. Can’t wait to hear more :slight_smile:



My name is Alexander. I have some experience in mobile and computer games development as a programmer, QA engineer, localizer, production manager… I don’t have a my own game in Dagon engine yet, but I want to ask everyone who read this: do you want to create a your own game? If so, let’s keep in touch. :slight_smile:

As a programmer I can say that Agustin and Senscape company made awesome engine for indie game developers. It’s true, because you can easy to write scripts on LUA. But… we all are people, not robots. I can write programs, but I can’t create 3D-models or write music or something else…

So, if you can to do something (code, models, script, music, PR, …), but you don’t have a team or don’t have experience - let’s create a game together! Well it can be small and free game, but all of us can get an experience in game development.

So, what do you think?


Hello Alexander my name is Daniel, I study computer engineering and have some programming bases, I can also draw and recently I have been learning modeling (Blender). I would love to learn how to use Dagon Engine and do something interesting with it :D. My only problem is time because I’m still studying.


I haven’t been very active here recently, but my game is approaching the point where I have to decide on an engine, and I’ve decided on Dagonity. I haven’t worked with it much at all, so I’ll probably need some community handholding to get it moving, but when it comes to modern first person engines, Dagonity obviously has them all beat so I’m going to have to go with it! Some of you have seen a few screenshots from my game, and I hope to share more in the future and work with y’all on getting to know the deep evil of Dagonity.


So glad to hear your project is finally moving forward, James! I think you were already planning it since the days of Scratches :o

Looking forward to hearing more!


Hey TheEvilMan, I sent you a private message about using Blender for Dagon. (didn’t want to pollute this sub-forum.)

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