Interactive conversation?

Hey! First and foremost, I’m totally stoked for Asylum and the release of the Dagon engine. I’ve had some ideas for a small-scale indie FMV game for a while, and Dagon might be the great excuse-killer I need to actually go ahead and do it. One quick question: does Dagon have any support for interactive conversations (branching dialog stuff) out of the box? Will it in the future? That would be prettttty cooool.

Thanks — and again, can’t wait!

Hey there and welcome! Glad to hear that Dagon might fit your needs. Most definitely, we have in mind a dialogue system that will support branching. In fact, we need it for Asylum so it should be ready within the year :nod:

It should be pointed out that any dialogue-engine is likely to be non-graphical. That means it’s already possible for anybody to write their own. (like the Feed system Dagon already has, totally scripted, no calls to the Dagon engine.)
(unless you hate coding :stuck_out_tongue: )

True. But I think he was referring to a more straightforward and built-in solution, and we’ll be definitely adding one sooner than later!

Awesome! Thanks guys — can’t wait.