Inside from PlayDead


Been quite a while since I’ve posted a thread in the Senscape forums; though I might try to start a conversation up about PlayDead’s Inside.

First of all, I’d like to say that I loved the game, but I did have mixed feelings about the ending. No spoilers here since I really want people to go through it without many details.

There were a few moments where my mouth was literally hanging open at not only the beauty of the game, but also at the creativity of the design.

I thought the puzzles were a little easier than in Limbo, but still hard enough to make one think things through…again good game design.

What did everyone else think that played it?


I badly want to play this game, especially after hearing so many cool things about its (apparently controversial) ending. As soon as I have the opportunity, I’ll definitely give it a try.

(love Limbo BTW)


It’s a great game with great design. Like you said it’s a little on the easy side, but great nonetheless.

One thing I can say about the ending is I found it too abrubt. Yes, in the game’s world it makes sense and it’s consistent with the theme, but it made me feel the game was still incomplete.

Also there is a secret ending that explains more about the game, but even that doesn’t bring proper closure.

All in all, Inside takes a nice picture of its world and delivers a great experience, but fails to deliver a story. With that said eveyone should play it. One of the best games I’ve played in recent years.


I just bought it on sale (Steam) and actually I’m fully disappointed by it. Sure the graphics look moody, but in my opinion that’s all that is good about that game.
Mostly boring and quite stupid puzzles. Often you only first realize that they are supposed to be a puzzle after failing once and I actually don’t like to have been paying money to

mild spoiler

see a boy being bitten in the neck and torn apart by dogs again an again. Especially as this is not the kind of behavior you would want to train on a guard dog. Good trained dogs are meant to pull people down, without giving them deathly injuries. Even if a holder doesn’t care for that, they wouldn’t want to teach their dogs the neck bite as of a rudimentary safety reason. Also going for the neck is learned behavior that wild predators learn from their parents, how would a dog owner actually do that?

I think Monochroma was much better than so far Inside.


MAJOR SPOILERS In a world where human dolls are being created in water tanks and being hunted by harpoons, it doesn’t sound too far fetched to have dogs trained to kill if you ask me :grin: I don’t think they are guard dogs, but hunt dogs that are trained to kill runaways.


Yeah I heard you definitely some parts that were quite disturbing in that way. Thanks for the response.


Yeah I was a bit neurotic about this one and got all the achievements and got to the secret ending. I was looking forward to this game for quite the while. For me, it didn’t disappoint at all.


Once a decade a game comes out that provides an experience far beyond the norm.
I heavily loved this game, once I got past the initial “it’s not like Limbo!”. Limbo was almost more like a teaser for THIS game, and that is quite a feat. The scenery is outstandingly atmospheric and the ‘plot’ elements disturbing, spooky, and creepy. The control mechanics are intuitive and flawless, just like Limbo. I have not been so drawn into a game in a long time (um…since Limbo actually).

Story/plot-wise, the game is like a box of cardboard puzzle pieces, each of which teases at a wonderful mystery but you can’t quite get all the pieces to fit together. You get some ideas but none that are easy to apply.
The creators managed to create a load of bizarrely mysterious aspects that hint at a rich and colossal story-line without ever fully connecting the dots. Sometimes a mystery needs to remain a mystery or it loses it’s magic, and this is a magical game. Why are there CHILDREN?! It’s choices like that that derail any familiar explanation.
Like a powerful dream, this was a mysterious experience, not a story. That detonation level was so intimidating and oddly familiar, and yet seriously hard to rationalize with any conviction (I degreed in physics so it is not surprising I am little haunted by a level so dominated by power that I can’t explain.)

The creators truly created a successor that honors Limbo without attempting to recreate it. It’s hard to imagine what the next game will be like, but then I said a Limbo sequel was bound to fail.

Don’t play this game while on the phone with a friend and the TV blaring away; sneak into your PC (or console) after dark while everybody else is sleeping. Use headphones.