IMPORTANT: Discord is overshadowing this forum. Should we close it?


Technically I prefer the structure of a forum. Discord seems chaotic to me as soon as there are more than a few people active in one section at the same time or if more than one topic is being discussed at once because simply both belong in the same section. But what does that matter if there is pretty much no activity anymore over here?

Of course Discord has the advantage that many already have an account anyways respectively that there one account for different Discord communities, which leads to better acceptance. Also there is your dev journal (which was never here in the first place), that is actually for me the only reason to check in regularly.

Currently there is actually no use in this forum anymore. Don’t know if it would be of any use to just lock down the forum (so no posting anymore, read-only) instead of completely removing it. I mean compared to just leaving it running.
On the other hand, how would a defunct forum look? Basically like an official ghost-town (and actually with no activity it’s already close to that), as if Senscape wouldn’t exist anymore.


Actually in the browser version of Discord there is a search in the upper right and that with quite comprehensive functions. But yes, it’s still annoying that it is not possible to get links to a specific post.

Regarding the matter with the Scratches keys:
I would create another section under “important” that is called “Scratches keys” (so it’s directly visible from the main page) and move the post about how to get a key from “rules” because it actually doesn’t really fit there and nobody would especially search it there. But there should also be two other posts, on for Kickstarter backers that tell them that they don’t need to be Servants (and a link to update #75) and the other stating the situation why it can’t be purchased on Steam.

That would also keep the rules section shorter (more to the point), which would possibly encourage people more to read everything.


I definitely need to rearrange things a bit at Discord, and I’ll consider your suggestion. Thanks!

Also, I’ve heard they’re working on a threading feature so that you may reply to specific posts and create separate threads, even on the same channel, much like Slack does. I think that would greatly improve the ability to follow individual discussions.

So yeah, it all comes down to where’s all the activity and ease of use. There’s simply much less friction on Discord to interact with other members, no to mention it’s not feasible to implement a read-only journal here.


Yes, the search bar was just pointed out to me. I somehow thought it was only for member searches. :roll_eyes: I feel stupid now.


Yesterday I figured out that I can hide the member list on Discord servers. :grin:
And that I can mute channels or even full sections that I’m not interested in (chit-chat is not in my interest). :smiley:
So much organization now. So the only thing I’m currently missing would be this threading feature.

I think the only thing were a proper forum is absolutely in advantage to a Discord server is when you basically gather useful information like in a support forum for an application (answered questions, technical issues with hopefully solutions, tutorials). I guess the only stuff here that would have such information is what you developers discussed in the Dagon area, everything else is anyways just fleeting conversation (and nobody will actually miss it when it’s gone).


Ah yes, you can do that, and you can also pin important stuff. So, for example, the moment we have a tech support channel, we could pin some of the most common questions and solutions.

Although that won’t be needed because Asylum will run perfectly fine :smile: