IMPORTANT: Discord is overshadowing this forum. Should we close it?


What the title says. Ever since we launched our Discord server, it’s been growing beyond our wildest expectations. We’re at 1400 members now, already bigger than our forum community and on a whole different dimension of activity. If you haven’t joined, it’s an officially verified server now:

Case in point, this forum literally died after we launched Discord :neutral_face:

We know many of you prefer this format, and we expect a breadth of renewed activity as ASYLUM looms closer, but currently this looks like a wasteland.

If you are on Discord and you’ve experienced our new community, do you even care about this forum?

If are not on Discord, please give it a quick try ( and see how it feels. Do you still want this forum?

Thank you for your feedback :heart:


When oh when is Asylum coming out?

I’d say it should stay for the sake of completion and future reference. Maybe downsizing to some core topics?


Thing is, the forum has a maintenance cost regardless of the amount of categories or topics. It’s all the same. And this lack of activity isn’t good image either when Discord is very lively every day.

The only advantage of this forum (at least currently) is that we own it, whereas Discord isn’t strictly ours.


It would be interesting to know if people are reading the forum. Because I posted a couple of topics a short bit ago and they already have several views.

If you’re lurking here, please let us know!


Costs are a good reason. My biggest concern is losing the old conversations. It’d be nice to keep them somewhere. I don’t know what would be a solution, though. Free forums?


Not with Discourse, sadly. It’s perhaps the most expensive forum solution.

I would backup this forum for posterity (I still have the entire backup from the Nucleosys forums). But I don’t see the point…


I’ve just sent an email to all our members, but my guess is that the vast majority is already at Discord.


I have not been a member of this forum but am on Discord. I think a Senscape/Asylum forum should be maintained as long as there is interest if possible. While there is a lot of traffic on Discord, it seems to be largely unrelated to Senscape and increasingly a social group for gamers who know each other from other social game forums. I am not very interested in that, myself.

Discord is in transition and I have heard both complaints and concerns about the way it is going at the moment, as well as it’s looking a bit unwieldy right now. Senscape and development feel overshadowed.

I think the forum should be maintained at least until the newness of the Discord server settles down and a stable identity is established there; then the relative benefit can be better evaluated.


I don’t expect my inexperienced self to be an active member of this forum (but you never can tell), so I probably should not be included in a nose count of members. I just stopped in to toss in my 2 cents worth.


I personally never visit these forums because discord and steam is more convenient.


Why do you think the development side is overshadowed if we keep several Senscape-oriented channels at the very top to post team news? The Asylum dev journal is readonly even.

I haven’t seen any concerns, by the way, the server seems to be growing organically and steadily. If I missed anything, please let me know.


Discord ihave no clue just how to post on dscord any ways don’t you have to become a servant of the dragon before you can even claim your scrathes key. I have tied to post but I cant .


It’s even easier than posting here. Just type and hit enter :slight_smile:

Also, as a Kickstarter backer, you can claim your Scratches key right away.


That is not dead which can eternal lie.


It is growing, organically. I am not sure how stable the influx will be or what effect it will have on the server overall over months. Positioning might keep some attention on dev channels, yes.

What I see here in this forum, in just a few minutes, appeals to me–I really want to think about how Lovecraft works and texture of narrative and visiual suggestion more than I want to know who is playing what game how fast. I am probably not the only one, but also probably not in the game-world majority. Senscape has a “flavor” that seems to be, for now maintained here. Not sure how that will play out on Discord yet.

The interactiveness thing is a factor, too. “Read only” is good. Tossing it around is also good.


But we do have channels for more relaxed discussion. Right now the group plays are obviously fast and busy, and the #general channel tends to be very active as well. But #adventure-games discussions are slow in comparison, and you could discuss about Lovecraft if you wanted in #chit-chat.

Note that essentially the thread you’re referring to belongs in the #chit-chat category here. There’s been 4 replies in that topic. If you proposed the same discussion in Discord, you’d get dozens of more replies :slight_smile:


I personally like this forum because it has the same feels as the stories we like: low-key and self-paced. And no distractions of the Discord environment, which is clearly meant for very live interactions.
On the other hand I have several connections on Discord, neither of them is even game related. Mostly used like chat with a business support and forum combined.
I hate to think of the history lost of the old forum and our old conversations, but I can’t think of anything like the wiki or technical conversations that would have any value anymore. Geeze it’s been a long time!
I suppose it’s too hard if not impossible to port the forum’s contents into Discord…


You could say we did that already. The #gamedev channel is one of our “hits”, with many refreshing discussions and even people introducing their projects.

I understand the nostalgia and I do love these forums, believe me, but we have a handful of active members here and entire weeks passing by without a single interaction, whereas in Discord there’s many dozens of active members and something new every day :confused:


I do like Discord — having a central site where people are always interested in the same things that I am. Senscape’s Discord is a family. However, the info on Discord is fleeting. For instance, we have to constantly be telling people how get Scratches to play on their computers, why it’s not available, etc. Also, there’s no way to search “posts”… at least I don’t know of any way. I miss a search feature.

So permanence and way to search are my wants for Discord.