OK, we have a little problem!
With the Tex convertor images are myImage1000X but in the game if you use an image set its only myImage100X
Any idea which is going to be the norm in the image reliant version?
the reason its important is my ide strips the extension and prefix so you have the node name also it uses the prefix to determine which direction a image faces

Just for the record— All of my image files for the nodes are named “MyArea10001.tga,” “MyArea10002.tga,” “MyArea10003.tga,” etc.

that’s what mine were to make tex files, but this is what I get when trying to use images:
Worth a mention, I get no colour banding at all with image sets :slight_smile:

The current version uses 000x to load a sequential number of textures. This will be configurable in the new version, though. For now, stick to three zeroes :slight_smile:

ok thanks