Howdy everyone!



I am back from Iraq! Just wanted to say that now that I have some time I hope to really get into this forum and help where I can! I love the fact that I recognize all these names. Just wanted to say Hey ALL!

Hit me with your best!



Welcome back KAP001.It’s good to have old members back…
Just to be clear, when you say Iraq, I hope you don’t mean war… :o

PS : I thought you were one of these ungodly Bots! >:(


Hey Ron,

Glad to see that you’re finally back and I certainly hope that it’s for good! It will be nice to have your input here.



Welcome back, KAP!
Great to see you back.



Hi Ron, I’m very glad to see you’ve returned and are safe!! Nice timing too since we’re just out in the wild :smiley:


I suppose I am different than other gamers. Probably due to my advanced years. I do however enjoy mystery games and who done it’s. Not at all interested in the RPG games although I recognize they are by far the more popular titles.
Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed Scratches and am looking forward to your new release. I can be pleased since I have an enormous amount of similar games. Anyone want to trade or buy?


You’re among like-minded people here. :slight_smile: