How would be navigate Scratches in VR? (your thoughts)


Since the head-mounted display would automatically take care of the pannng, how else could you or would you like to interact? Ideally it would follow realism as much as possible for the best immersion. That means indicating directions to move, touching/doing things, navigating menus or other non-realistic artifacts in your environment. I know that if I am immersed in a dark lonesome place, I don’t want any kind of HUD or menu visible, unless it is supposed to be there like wearing a helmet.
Stare-clicks are only a hack in my opinion, they slow the interface down too much and you can’t stare at an object if you actually want to!
I can see another approach tracks your real hand in space and maps it to a virtual hand (or a cursor with a limited kind of motion). The problem with everything not a mouse is that your arm or tongue or eyeball gets tired quickly. Your hand just rests on a mouse and small jogs are very stable and precise with only relaxed wrist motion. How do you improve on that?

Other ideas, comments, or diatribes? How else could VR bring something to life in Scratches (for example) that can’t be done on a normal PC display?
Remember, it is not a 3D engine like FPS games, so ideas like moving objects around like for real aren’t possible.


If you want more realism in controlling a game, you have to accept that this will cost you comfort most of the time.

I think for taking something a Leap Motion would be the best possible solution, but if you have to do that too often in a game. The Leap Motion could also be used for bringing up inventory and journal or navigating menus. Of course all of that would be less comfortable then just using a mouse or a few buttons.

For the examine command you could realistically only use an Emotice EPOC for perfect realism, as that is effective an action of the brain only. Using that thing might not be uncomfortable once you can make it working, but applying it to your head and the necessary consumables make it not really worth, especially for just on command.

For moving forward and turning an Stinky Footboard (I have one myself) would be a decent compromise between more immersion and less comfort.


I have more or less figured it out for Asylum. I believe the node-based movement is ideal for VR, as you simply have to turn your head around and focus on the exploration, not movement. For walking and interacting, we’d show the same “smart cursor” that we’ve been using in Asylum – that is, the cursor for the corresponding interaction will appear “floating” over the hotspot as it nears the center of the screen. It’s not a cursor per se but an indicator of a possible interaction. When you focus on the cursor, that’s when you can blink or press a button to perform the interaction (including walking). I think stare-blinks would work well with this approach.

For inventory, though, I’m afraid that buttons is the only option. We’ll have to research and experiment more to come up with the ideal solution.


IMHO, we are in the earliest pre-stages of the creative explosion that will follow the maturation of VR technologies. AR and synthesized-realities like Magic Leap will fuel new entertainment and game-like paradigms we can’t foresee now. The Magic Leap demo shows the equivalent of a FPS in somebody’s living room (of course), but imagine an adventure-horror game that is set in your apartment (the game would have to self-customize for each real location using a photogrammetric method of rebuilding your location in CAD, for example).

I can imagine a game that turns the commonplace environment of my apartment into a creep zone: things under the bed, strange shows on my TV, sounds from my closet, a little mysterious door that appears in the wall at the end of my hallway. In your game, something really does lurk in that dark closet in your bedroom… Then you go to bed for real later and can’t stop staring at that closet…hell, I sometimes do that now when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Hmm, I have gotten off-topic and this has nothing to do with Asylum or Scratches of course, which would have to be VR only. Hard to turn my apartment into Blackmoor Manor, although I am working on that…:slight_smile:


Well, I might enjoy feeling and controlling fear but I still prefer to feel safe at home and especially in my bed.
No AR horror for me! :o