How to lure more insanes


Dear fellow-insanes!

Scratches is amongst the deals of this week on Steam.

Sincerly Yours,


Well, darn, I just bought the game for 10 euros a few weeks ago. And now it’s on sale. But I think Agustin deserves the money, so I’m happy to spend 10 euros for it. :slight_smile:


Actually, I think we all got our scratches already. But since Steam allows gifting it would be a nice occasion to lure those amongst your friends (and foes) who are still sane.


I suppose that Agustín won’t see anything of the profits from Scratches. Apart from not usual contracts where the publisher finances the development of a game and pays the developer an in advance agreed sum when the game is finished, I would say that with Nucleosys disbanded it’s pretty unlikely that the publisher has to pay regular profit shares to anybody.


They do pay actually, but a small fee. Any help is of course greatly appreciated; but even more than the financial help, it’s always a pleasure to hear that newcomers are playing Scratches :slight_smile:


I’ll be honest. Until the Asylum Kickstarter I barely knew Scratches even existed. After playing it during the campaign I was all “Shut up and take my money!”