How long will Asylum take to play?


…in comparison to Scratches for example? I know that Asylum is huge…in terms of the size of the actual physical location anyways. Does this also mean that the game itself will take longer to complete? I’m hoping it will. It sounds as if it’s much more sophisticated in terms of gameplay than Scratches was.


It’s a resounding yes to everything. While building upon the same ideas and philosophies found in Scratches, Asylum is much bigger, almost three times as big in terms of locations, and definitely longer. We’re estimating at least 15 hours of gameplay while Scratches was around 6-8. We’re fairly good estimating this – the original design document for Scratches nailed its length :smiley:


Hi !

Only 15 hours of playtime ? Is this a talk about an adventure game or of an ego shooter? So long in the development and only 15 hours of game play for an adventure ??? That can not be serious for you ? I

Sorry, but I for my part the asylum eh already gave up .
But I would like to teach you a better one.



To Lewanni:

When the makers of a game say it will take a certain amount of hours to complete it, rarely does it mean it will actually take you that many hours. Most people took more than a couple of weeks to complete Scratches. I know of at least a few people who took 20 to 30 hours to complete just the first third of the game. Asylum will surely take at least a month to complete, maybe a month and a half.

Do not take the recommended number of hours to play seriously. It will take much much longer than 15 hours for most of us. There’s nothing to complain about here.


I’m not sure I follow, @lewanni. 15 hours is a very generous duration for an adventure that will cost around 20 bucks. Most adventures these days will take less that time, not to mention indie games like Firewatch or Inside lasting 3-4 hours. Like I said above, Asylum should be twice as long as Scratches, for the same price.

It obviously could be more than that, but 15 hours is the bare minimum we’re expecting.