Help needed on Dagon


Hey, people
I have two problems.

Is there any way I can use Dagon engine to remember choices and work later, like the Tell Tale’s Walking dead ?

How to make quick time events like a girl is asking a boy about his pet puppy and he has three options and the player must choose any one option before time runs out ?


It’s doable, though you would have to implement your own dialogue system in Lua. The engine offers capabilities for constructing HUDs and menus. The time-based interactions are easily doable as you can update a visual timer while hooking up the render tick.

@bd339 is our corageous maintainer who may have other thoughts!


What Agustín said is your best bet for the quick time events, and it certainly is doable.

About remembering choices, you probably want to use the dgPersistence table so that choices are remembered across saves. Let’s say the player has to make a choice (choice A) and there are three options (options 1-3). When the player chooses an option for choice A (e.g. through a menu as described by Agustín), you could do: dgPersistence.choiceA = 2 (let’s say they chose option 2).
Then when you want to alter the events based on choice A, you inspect the value of dgPersistence.choiceA and program accordingly (so choiceA is really just a regular Lua variable and dgPersistence is just a regular Lua table with the exception that its contents are saved when the game is saved).