Help needed in dagon engine


Someone help me…
I made a small video using 2d animation of a character entering a school that is supposedly haunted. Now I want this video to be played before the gameplay and after credits in dagon.

Dagon engine help needed!

Hey, try using cutscene(“filename.ogv”) command before switching to the room and doing the same after disabling the node for the ending.


Thnx a lot Civan,
u made my day …


You might want to check out this thread to be invited to the Senscape team on Slack. Most of us Dagon users and contributors hang around there, so it might be a quicker way to get answers to your questions :slight_smile:


I’d like to echo what @bd339 said: the development of the Dagon engine has been very active, though mostly in our Slack group. I’ll happily grant access to any developer looking to use/contribute to the engine :slight_smile:


Is there anyway for me to import rooms created using 3ds max into dagon ?


Hey DeeDrey,

Dagon is not a 3d engine so you can’t import 3d models into it. You should render your scenes in 3ds Max as cube sides and use those in Dagon. Movement in Dagon is node based and each node consists of 6 images (representing six sides of a cube).

You can find mode details on cubemaps here. Hope this helps.


Thank you Civan
The link is helpful.