Heads up! The Senscape website is LIVE!

If you somehow came directly to this forum, make sure you visit our shiny main site right over here: http://www.senscape.net :wink:

Let us know what you think and feel free to share any suggestions!

Awesome! Congrats on getting it online and working. :thumbsup:

Ha, I guess that’s the official announcement :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get rolling fellas :smiley:

Hey, I didn’t know announcements looked so cool with this style. Get ready for a constant stream of announcements :o

I like it! :smiley: Congratulations for the job (and for tolerating ME! :o ) :thumbsup:

Fantastic, Agustin! Wow a crew of 20 people too! It’s very nice to see the faces of your artists and other collaborators. :smiley:

Break out the champagne! :yahoo: Congrats on the launch, Agustín & co. Site is looking mighty fine. Cue ‘enthusiasm’ dial being turned up to 11. :smiley:

cool to see the site up n running! looks great :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what we were discussing, about how the enthusiasm permeates through everything you do. It’s the first major requisite for any project: be enthusiastic about your work :slight_smile: