Happy Birthday Agustìn!

Birthdays have been rushing these last months.

Happy Birthday, Agustín!

Have an awesome celebration, 30 is a bit special! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! 30 do sound rather special but I can’t help feeling decidedly older. I had a great day really and the exciting outlook of 2010 made it even better :wink:

Happy Birthday Agustín! Never too old to play (or create!) adventure games, though. :smiley:

Oh dear, I skip my daily visit to the board for once and I miss the most important birthday of all… best belated wishes :smiley:

LOL don’t worry, thanks guys! All our birthdays are important though - and the forum software won’t let you miss them anyway :smiley:

I comply with the tradition even though it seems unclear to me why people are so happy to remind you that you got one year older :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. the big 30 for you! Happy Birthday!

aww 30… a distant memory!! luckily I live in my own reality so I’ll be forever young and stupid… shame the body doesn’t agree :?

Happy birthday!!

Hey, I live in one of those private realities too! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Agustin! 30?? I remember when you were just a babe in the woods! :smiley:

Yes, preying on small furry animals! They were so tasty… aaah, those were the times :nod:

Well I’ll be darn… cheers for the Tentacle Man himself!
Let us know when (or is that “if”?) You sober up!

(might as well rename this section to “birthday forum”)

LOL we need a birthday section, you’re right about that! :smiley:

Thanks for the good wishes! And I NEVER sober up :smoke:

Happy birthday :nod:

And I agree it would be fun to have a forum for community events :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Nuxly! Yeah, the forum soft is in need of a major overhaul :frowning:

Well, best wishes to our beloved wacko developer from me, too :smiley: I hope this year you get ehat you want the most ~

…and please, pick up those empty bottles! :sunglasses:

Will do Andis! Thanks!! :smiley:

Awgh… I guess I missed an important event here. Best wishes from me, too, of course. I made the 30 last year, you’ll get over it. Now it goes straight forward to 40… sigh :paranoid:

No, we need more reasons to talk about Asylum! :smiley:

Thanks zak! And yes, you’ll have plenty of fresh new stuff to discuss about Asylum very soon :smiley: