Happy 10th. anniversary, Scratches!


Ten years ago today a famed writer spent three fateful days in the estate known as Blackwood Manor. The events which transpired during this period gave birth to one of the most beloved horror adventure games of all time, as well as unprecedented reported cases of phobia towards basements.


Wow, really 10 years already!? :o Congrats on the big anniversary, Agustín. This is why adventure games are so great - they stand the test of time really well and Scratches is a prime example.

Any interesting stories to tell of the making of Scratches you haven’t mentioned before? I know you talk about HP Lovecraft as a big source of inspiration but also curious what particular movies or illustrations influenced the look and design of the manor and it’s grounds?

Right, I’m off for a nostalgia trip back to Blackwood Manor. Perfect adventure game conditions - a dark and stormy night… and there’s this thick veil of fog…


I’m actually planning to do a live playthrough of Scratches with lots of interesting tidbits – that should answer pretty much any questions you have about the game :smiley:

Enjoy your trip back to Blackwood Manor!!


Great, looking forward to it!


I think the ending needs to be changed. Have Michael come back to see that … um… doesn’t starve. :disgust: Poor thing…


A great experience that will never been forgotten. 10 years later, no game has come close. Only Asylum stands a chance.


I received an email on the 19th that mentioned a developer playthrough of Scratches and I can’t find anything anywere…


Didn’t the link to my Twitch account appear at the end of the email? Here it is: https://www.twitch.tv/agustincordes/profile

It’s happening next week anyway :slight_smile:


Wow 10 years already?! I"m not good with sentimental words, but I’ll give it a try. Scratches surely deserves it! :nod:

I remember walking into my local Best Buy and browsing the computer game section and finding nothing of interest when all of a sudden, I come across a black and red box with the title “Scratches”. Thinking to myself this sounds like something I would play, I bought it and it forever changed me (in a good deranged sort of way ;)) I immediately fell in love with the decrepit Blackwood manor, lonely isolated atmosphere and beautifully eerie music that accompanied me on my adventure throughout the game. I am super picky when it comes to games like this and I searched high and low for a game that would captivate the dark twisted corners of my mind and Scratches did just that. I became obsessed with the game from the house down to the immersive story line and I STILL find myself thinking of the game and comparing it to others (most of which never even measure up)

With that said, thank you Agustin! You’ve unleashed a Scratches monster in me that was hiding somewhere deep in the dank basement with Robin. So here’s to Scratches! A game that truly has stuck with me and forever will.


Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, Ashli! Still blown away by this sort of reaction to the game :slight_smile:

BTW, I wasn’t able to stream the game to Twitch today, but YouTube worked fine. I’ll continue tomorrow right here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/AgustínCordes/live


Agustin, I missed the live stream but just watched the first youtube video. Knowing all the secrets makes it hard to relive it and this is a nice way to relive the experience with new perspective.
Questions I have always had:
-A number of doorknobs look like impractical ‘hockey pucks’. Were those real designs or I am just not seeing the knobs correctly?
-The lighting in the game has a small contrast range and few cast shadows. Was that an aesthetic decision or a way to get around your limited computing resources? Or perhaps necessary to ensure practical display on a wide variety of monitors?
-How much issue did you have with copyrights or permissions on all the pre-existing assets, such as the paintings? Back then there were still a lot of arguments of the rights of publicly accessible works, music samples being used in remixed songs being one example.


Also, I would really like to catch the second live stream. Normally I can’t schedule something like that but I am lazing about doing nothing this week while I recover from surgery.
Exactly when do I try to catch this event?


[quote=“shadowphile, post:12, topic:825”]Also, I would really like to catch the second live stream. Normally I can’t schedule something like that but I am lazing about doing nothing this week while I recover from surgery.
Exactly when do I try to catch this event?
Sorry I couldn’t reply to this before! Sadly, the playthrough is finished (took me nearly five hours!) but don’t panic, I’ll be uploading all the parts to my YouTube channel. In fact, the first one is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XZStv7YB-0

Rest coming soon!

As for your questions:

  1. All knobs were real designs, as we based our models on actual pictures! However, it could be that some of the graphics are poorly done and inaccurate – remember, it was our first game :smiley:

  2. Aesthetic decision. In fact, I commented about this in the playthrough: some locations are much more detailed than what you’re seeing in the game, it’s just that I wanted to have everything covered in shadows!

  3. None, actually. We tried to use either very old paintings or stuff that could pass as “fair use” tribute (i.e.: Cthulhu). We kinda blundered with that one with the two kids and the creepy hands, which I only realised it was a more recent work years after we finished the game.


sadly I missed the live stream but I watched the first part on yt. It’s very interesting and enjoyable - can’t wait for the next parts. Are there any dates for the next uploads?


Yes, early next week. Perhaps this weekend even! I’m currently traveling and the internet connection is very poor, which is why I haven’t been able to upload the second part :frowning:


I´m looking forward to the next live stream. :slight_smile:


The second part of the stream is here, folks :slight_smile:


Are there any plans on releasing the full Soundtrack of Scratches anytime soon? I know that Cellar of Rats released a music disk of it, but some tracks seem to be missing, like the track for Robin’s lair in the alternative ending and the 2nd night music (I mean the one after the mask dream, which is slightly different than ‘A Bump in the Night’).

Got that idea when watching the third part of the stream. :nod:


Ah! Speaking of which, here’s the link to the third part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--KuePxap7U :smiley:

As for re-releasing the soundtrack, not for now, I’m afraid. As I explained sometime during the stream, we don’t own the full rights to the game or any of its materials. As such, we can’t make any official releases. Really sorry about that :frowning:


Oh, I missed the last stream. :frowning: