Graphics won't load properly

When I start the teaser, the title sequence shows fine, but then my screen goes all white and rainbow and flickery. I can’t send you a screenshot, because it only takes a picture of the title sequence fading out (before the word Asylum shows up on my screen). I can see the fingertip pointer and the notepad in the right corner fine. Everything else is the white/rainbow/flicker stuff. I tried to change the compatibility to Windows XP SP 2/SP 3, no dice, Dagon just freezes and nothing loads. I’m running a Windows 7 laptop and I just am at a roadblock, which annoys me. Thanks! Jessica

Hi Jessica! This is a likely a problem with your video card drivers. It happens often. Can you try downloading the latest set of drivers directly from the manufacturer? That is, don’t use the update system from Windows itself, get the drivers from,, etc.

Hope this helps!

I consider myself more competent than the next person in regards to computer troubleshooting. I’m so embarrassed by myself right now. You were dead on Agustin. I’m so excited now!


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