Getting Scratches....again

Is there any chance of buying Scratches Director’s Cut, vía download.
No torrents, please.
Playing Scrtches again, is the only way I can wait for Asylum

It’s coming soon, check this : viewtopic.php?f=7&t=220

Yes, you can expect it really soon :smiley:

So… what happened?

No idea! The game is stalled on Big Fish for some reason. I guess they’re waiting for the appropriate time to launch it… That’s all I know, unfortunately :frowning:

Finally I got Scratches again, but after installed it doesn’t work properly - it goes too slow, just like “frame by frame”.
I can’t see at “settings” something that can help me.
Would YOU help me? Please?

Raul, you must update the video card drivers, but make sure they’re the official ones (ie: directly from if you have a GeForce)

Thanks Agustin, it worked

That’s great to know! Hope you enjoy the new version :slight_smile: