Gah! Damn you, Simple Machines


But until we’re done with Asylum, I’m not touching this forum.


(dammit, I probably won’t live up to that promise)


If the intended locale time zone of the forum is PST/GMT-8 (I must have mistaken by one hour with Alaska) then actually everything is fine with the time setting of the forum. Also my Time Offset setting was still correct with 9, but somehow it didn’t has been applied correctly after this “hiccup” until I changed this setting.
Seems like everybody who wants to see correct time according to the own time zone just has to reapply the Time Offset (or change it to something else, apply this setting and change it back to the actual time offset).


one thing I get is I’m never shown as logged in when I come to the forum until I actually enter a forum. I’ve tried deleting cookies but it always shows the newest thread being May the 5th
Also there’s an annoying banner up top saying my browser is unsupported… it says IE9+ I’m IE11… could be related who knows lol


Yeah, that’s probably because you’re accessing the forum via an older link. This is the correct one:

As for the banner, I should review that code when I have the time. Sorry :frowning:


thanks :slight_smile:


Double damn you :mad: