Gah! Damn you, Simple Machines


Due to a small hiccup I had to revert to the default forum theme. Managing themes on SMF sucks, but I hope to bring back Senscape’s look and feel later this day.


So bright! :o
So disgusting! ???


I know, I want darkness and gloom again!


Laughing my socks off at this.

“Scratches (I’m not sure I recall that one)” :smiley:

Nice article!


Put me back in my cell! The light blinds!


Who redecorated my cell??! DO NOT WANT!


I briefly thought I was in the wrong place…


I like the renovations! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh no — it’s still baby blue. :o


Did you try consulting an eye doctor? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m working on it right now, sorry everybody!


And the darkness has returned!


Much better. The darkness comforts me.


Could there be something with the clock (the one of the forum)? It says it’s 5.30am for me, I would never be already woke up at this time without any good reason.


I’m so over the darkness - let there be light!! :wink:


I believe you must configure that yourself from your profile (set up the right timezone), but I’ll double check.


I have already checked this setting:
-trying two times “auto select” didn’t change the 9 and didn’t seem fix my wrong locale time (“seem” because I had fever and perhaps checked the locale time of the forum to see if it worked :-[)
-then changing it manually to 4 (which is the number of hours Germany is in front of Argentina) made the difference smaller but didn’t made my locale time correct
-going manually back to 9 fixed it

But still fact is that the locale time of the forum indicates that it is located in Alaska.
Also Tommy, Imari, NoWayOut and you Agustín are exactly eight hours behind their actual locale time. The only poster in this thread with a correct locale time is NMShamus (and actually me). I couldn’t check the locale time of the other two in this thread because of no or no earthly location.


It’s odd, the server is configured for Americas\Los Angeles timezone. My own settings are Buenos Aires, so I can’t see why the actual hour of posting is so off. I’ll investigate this further, but configuring SMF is really getting on my nerves :frowning:


Time to migrate to BBS.


Ha! Not sure about BBS, but I’m eyeing MyBB. It looks so much simpler and friendlier than SMF, which is anything BUT Simple…