Forum woes, but almost there!


Hi folks!

As you may have noticed, things are rather messy right now. Yesterday the forum exploded following a fairly simple server update, and just now I’ve been able to get things back to work. Migrating to another software is too troublesome right now, so we’ll have to stick to SMF for the time being.

I’ll try to fix ASAP the “theme” of the forum, which is the only thing that remains broken. Sorry about all the trouble!


I no longer have the un supported browser banner which is good :slight_smile: it seems a lot faster too, I was getting a long delay before


I also had the same problem as Nige, but was using one of the supposedly supported browsers. Since it did no affect the performance of the forum for me, I ignored it. This forum otherwise has always worked fine. I know how you like fiddling with forum software, Agustin, but I’d not spend any time changing to another right now. :wink:


Believe me, I don’t want to! Fortunately I pinpointed the problem and it should be fully operational soon :slight_smile:


I agree with the post above. Things seem to be working marginally faster.


one thing I’ve noticed; which isn’t good is Guests/bots can read profiles
check out the “who’s online” feature, I saw 5 Guests looking at profiles