Forum Performance


Thanks, I’ll look into all this. I was aware of the Home/Forum buttons highlighted at the same time. It’s rather tricky to get rid of that, but I will :slight_smile:


No problems on my side, as fast as any page :slight_smile:


I’m having issues with the “keep me logged in” option for the site. Even after selecting it I still have to log in again every time I visit the forums.


I was actually coming here to lodge the same issue as Intendant. I’ve tested in both Firefox with assorted extensions, and a copy of Chrome with nothing added, and they both do it.


Yes, something going on. I’m also experiencing the same.

Try entering the forum like this:

It should do the trick, but I’ll try to fix it ASAP.


@Intendant S & Anaxphone: By any chance, is your shortcut/bookmark pointing to the old forum location ( )? This new forum has a different location with a dedicated sub-domain ( - appears I’m staying logged in for the new address but if I go to the old one, it’s appears not logged in until clicking on one of the threads. Also, try holding down CTRL+F5 to do a full refresh (can sometimes flush out old settings, cached code, etc.).

@Agustín: Might be worth doing an automatic redirect from the old forum address to the new one (unless you want to maintain any external links pointing to the old forum posts).


I was using the new address (tried directly from the main page,) but deleting my cache (Ctrl-F5 didn’t do it) seems to have fixed it in Firefox. Chrome is now behaving as well, which makes zero sense, unless something shifted behind the scenes that was contributing.


And now the issue seems to have returned.
insert table-flipping ASCII here


[quote=“Anaxphone, post:48, topic:541”]And now the issue seems to have returned.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━━┻[/quote]

There :smiley:


Much appreciated, Gaston.


Bloody hell… I’m still ironing out some details of the transition. Please don’t panic.




Alright, you’ve a little time, Agustin.

But next time, it’ll be an ottoman…


Yeah. Don’t make me break out my wet noodles!


Could you lovely people confirm if the login issue is now resolved? Changed the way the forum is linked, which might have been the problem.


Looks like it’s doing fine on my end now.


Still need to go to instead of the old address, but otherwise seems to be behaving now. Thank you, Agustin.


not a single problem here :nod:


I see that when we post a reply, we are redirected to the topics’ list. Wouldn’t it be better if we were redirected directly in the topic we replied and saw our lattest post? I mean, just like the previous one.

I believe this option is under Admin -> Themes and Layout and is something like “Return to topic after post” or something like that.


Good catch. Just did that!


I found the sneaky quick reply at the bottom. :smiley: