Forum Performance


I feel so special now. :smiley:


licks her lips MORE harem members? Mmmmm…



So what’s up, Doc? or should I say warden :stuck_out_tongue:


Would you lovely forum members be so kind to check out the upcoming boards here?

It still needs adjustments but that’s the final look I had in mind. It can be tweaked, so let me know how you like it. Also, do note that it will be completely erased, so don’t post anything too deeply involved…


Easier on the eyes than the current incarnation!


I like the new look.


Much more readable than the current one.



I kinda liked and got used to this look, and I’m usually not great with changes (especially to things I’m used to, duh) but have to say, this looks like a smooth transition. Can’t really find anything to nitpick even (there’s some tool-tips or poster join date missing, but that’s not related to the ‘look’), so thumbs up!


Interestingly, the current forum is performing better for me than the new one; noticeable lag loading version 2, while version 1 is snappy.

Also, I have really good bandwidth, so it’s either the Internet between here and there, or the SMF instance itself. Go figure :slight_smile:

Edit: Version 2 is pretty, so I approve on the basis of aesthetics only :sunglasses:


Let me know if the lag persists. It’s likely that the first load times are slower since the server must cache all PHP scripts. We couldn’t find any noticeable difference on our side.

Another possibility for slowdowns is that the new forum is integrating with Wordpress… But, again, the slowdown shouldn’t be noticeable in theory. There are several optimizations we can still do to the server in any case, and SMF2 is definitely faster than phpBB3 :slight_smile:


OK, folks. The move should be complete. I hope you like the new style. And do let me know if you bump into any issues… I fixed several problems after the conversion manually but there could be more.

One definite issue is that birthday settings have been lost. I’ll try to recover that as well, but I might have to ask everybody for help. The change was definitely worth it, though, and the forum badges are coming soon!


Snappy, much better! I’m at my office right now, so it could be my workstation & office bandwidth that made the difference. I’ll verify when I arrive at home.


Much easier on the eyes, I must say. I’m really digging the new look. The only issue that I had was having to mark all old posts as read, which only took like a matter of a coupla minutes. I look forward to seeing the forum badges, too.


There’s a “Mark all as read” button on the main forum.


Blue-grey button on the right side just below the Dagon Project subforum.


Done breaking the boards, Agustin? Don’t think being hidden means I don’t know when you’re about.


Meh. A single plugin was crashing Apache. I almost had a heart attack. All the sites were down! Hopefully it’s done now…


New forum looking good Agustín! :slight_smile:


Had a good test of the new forum and all seems to be pretty solid.

Only (minor) issues seen:

[ul][li]Main Senscape menu shows both ‘Home’ and ‘Forum’ highlighted on main forum page.[/li]
[li]Main Senscape menu ‘Forum’ isn’t highlighted once inside a sub-forum or thread.[/li]
[li]Uploaded images aren’t seem unless logged in (i.e. visitors must register to see any images posted). This might be intentional but nothing indicates missing images to a non-registered visitor.[/li][/ul]

Edit: Appears BBCode bullet points currently aren’t showing up either (they do in the message preview, though).