Feedback about the new art style


Hey everyone!

I just read the latest kickstarter update mail (as of 14th october '17) where Agustín was telling us about the new art style Asylum is taking on, the “rebranding”. Obviously, since I am not quite active in social media and such, I was totally surprised by this rather big change and would like to just give a few words of feedback how I feel about it.

First and foremost: This is not quite what I signed up for. But I mean this in the nicest way possible (and as Conan O’Brien would say: “Sure, you can say that after everything. I would like to murder you! …in the nicest way possible”). But I don’t mean this as offensive as it may sound, so please hold your horses. Let me clarify:

I love horror games and movies, especially everything with a Lovecraftian style to it (as probably all of you). When it comes to games, immediately things like the “Darkness Within”-Series, “Call Of Cthulhu, Dark Conrers Of The Earth” and of course “Scratches” spring into mind.

“Asylum”, up to this point, has followed the same kind of artistic road like all of those games, with its “clean” dark and mysterious style which employs the kind of horror I really enjoy.

So, with this new direction Senscape is going I am a little bit… indifferent. Despite the things I have written so far, it is not a blunt, over-the-top and SJW-style of criticism I have here - Senscape did a brilliant job with their other projects so far and I will put my full faith into them no matter what.

I just haven’t seen enough of how the new style will work out to make up my mind, except the new banner and the few short videos in the kickstarter update. I think my biggest (irrational) fear is that the game will become more unintentionally cartoonish and less horrific (and for that part less lovecraftian) than expected. A 30s/40s style would leave no room for discussion, but a 70s/80s VHS one?

Like I said, it is a big change that caught me personally by surprise. I haven’t seen much as of now, and as with any ungrounded fear of change this results in this post you are reading right now :stuck_out_tongue:

So, Agustín, I trust you and your crew to the max, otherwise I would have lost interest in this game a long time ago. You did a great job so far with all your other games and everyone can see your determination behind this one. But please make sure that this “rebranding” will not be at the cost of the horror I expected so far :slight_smile:



This is the first I’ve heard of this “new look”. I’m not sure exactly what that will entail or how that will affect things, but I can say that Ive always loved the way the game looked up to this point, based on what Ive seen. It had the perfect amount of detail, the right ambiance, a nice, eerie feel to it. And it reminded me of Scratches in many ways as well in that regard. So I have to admit that any drastic changes to this does indeed leave me a little bit concerned. I’m also surprised that after all these years of work on the game that such a drastic modification would be thrown in at the last minute like that.

I don’t want to cast a negative cloud over anything here, but I do want to be honest about how I feel about this. As Ive said, I haven’t seen anything yet so I can’t make any final judgments. But, it is my hope that none of the positive things Ive mentioned above will be lost. Maybe Augustin can chime in here and offer some clarification as to what’s being planned that might put our minds more at ease.


Most of the things I’ve seen so far can be picked up in this thread: Will Hanwell be opening it’s doors

It is not a 180° change, but it will feel different overall I think. But I’m on the same page as you are, there is very little to tell yet and we should restraint ourselves from being over-negative. I mean, it still looks good, but it’s “different”. Let’s see how things will work out, maybe it will fit the atmosphere quite well… maybe not. Time will tell.


Its not a change of “art style” at all, afaik. Its just a different font on the poster and I don’t see the difference in using vhs effects over using film-grain effects in a trailer. Hanwell will probably look exactly the same as it did before the carpenteresque-fonts. I think it looks very good, really makes the publications look a lot more coherent. It’s a very good choice and something I haven’t seen in adventure games before and I think a lot of people will be more interested in finding out more about Asylum if the trailers look like how I think they’ll look.

Anyway, I was a bit done with keeping an eye on asylum with how long it was taking but looking at these new vibes really recaptured my excitement for it and I’m back scratching daily lines in the wall again.


Get your stinking SJW out of my lawn! :triumph:

But before you go, let me clarify what we’re doing here: as the last two posts pointed out, this is not such a drastic change, it’s mostly a new direction we’re taking for the presentation of the game, and mostly promo materials at that. When I say “rebranding”, I mean redoing our logo and how we communicate the game to people – so far it’s been resonating pretty well, as the new style goes straight to the point: Asylum has been hugely inspired by horror movies of yore, and we’re openly exploiting that.

Fans of Scratches shouldn’t worry, because Scratches has also been very open about its influences: Lovecraft, Hammer Films, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, etc.

This doesn’t mean Asylum doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but if you played Scratches, you should already know that your expectations will be subverted (for the better) at some point in the game :slight_smile:

If you fear Asylum is going cartoon-ish after this decision, I think I can see where you’re coming from, but let me assure you that is not the case. I’ve been watching and reading horror since I was seven, any subgenre, style, nationality you can imagine, so let me assure you that I understand and respect the genre a lot. I was never fully convinced about the way Asylum was presented, even if the game content has remained mostly unchanged for years. If anything, I believe the new style is far more brooding and ominous. Compare our short intro teaser to our original trailer:

As for the in-game style, my next update will show you exactly what we’re doing, and it’s subtle. The assets (as in, the graphics themselves) are actually the same and haven’t been changed. What we’re doing is adding small visual tweaks to make Asylum feel more filmic and truer to its inspirations. Again, fans of Scratches should not worry, and as days go by Asylum is more and more managing to achieve that elusive Scratches vibe.

I understand the concerns, though, so stay tuned for our next update coming soon. It’s a good sign people are getting excited again and the work needed to do all this has been negligible (seriously, it’s just a new logo and visual tweaks). Trust me, if you love horror – especially old school horror which has always been the backbone of Scratches – Asylum will blow your mind :sunglasses:


I for one love the new direction and think it compliments what you guys are trying to acheive beautifully.


Any news yet, updates? My fingers are gettin itchy for some game action!! Got my eye on a few great games, but the anticipation is killing me!!!


A few news, yes. Sorry about the extended silence, but we’re working around the clock to produce a fully playable version of the game, and hopefully announce a release date shortly afterwards :slight_smile:

Still a lot of work left to do. We’re currently implementing puzzles and interactive stuff, such as opening drawers, exploring every nook and cranny of the asylum, etc.

Also, we’ve been working on the “vintage look” as hinted by the new artwork. Not 100% done, and we’re still exploring a few options, but the visuals of the game have been dramatically improved. We’re color-grading each room individually and tweaking small effects here and there. It’s looking incredibly atmospheric, gorgeous, and very spooky!


The vintage look is beautiful! Congratulations Senscape. After seeing these screenshots and the mock-up movie posters I’m beginning to wonder if it all hints to something… Maybe that Asylum is an actual movie with a game perhaps?


Haha, no, no plans for a movie :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re liking the new look!


I also have to say, despite my initial backlash… the new screenshots look really, really awesome! You hooked me Agustin - I am so looking forward for this!


WOW, thanks Agustin, looks really amazing. Drooling all over puter!!! Lol Can’t wait


One more thing:


I’m shaking in my boots right now!!!


It’s been a while since Ive chimed in here but I wanted to say that I do very much appreciate the new visual tweaks. They actually add an authenticity to what you’re looking at. I can’t really put my finger on why I feel that way…maybe because that, especially in the video, it reminds me of that older 19t60s and 1970s look that movies of that era had. It feels like watching a movie rather than a video game. I’m excited to see how this will all look “in-game”.

All in all, great work Augustin!


Hey, is there any new info or updates?? Getting itchy fingers to start some gaming. Lol


Hey hey hey there now.
Agusting would probably have posted anything by now if there are some news - don’t push him into anything…
But yeah, is there anything new? My itches are unbearable, too! :smiley:


Yes, we’re readying a juicy end-of-year update for our backers. There’s been a huge deal of progress lately and we’ll be showing a short gameplay video :slight_smile:

Asylum is looking seriously good!


I have no doubt it will be super good.


:grin::smiley: Oh yeah your fingers too huh??? Lol lol